Couple That Met While Auditioning For ‘Jeopardy!’ Express Their Gratitude To Alex Trebek Years Later

Emily and Stacy Cloyd while trying out to be contestants on the trivia gameshow 'Jeopardy!.'

Alex Trebek speaks at a podium.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Emily and Stacy Cloyd while trying out to be contestants on the trivia gameshow 'Jeopardy!.'

The popular game show Jeopardy! means a lot of things to a lot of different people. But it holds a particularly special place in the hearts of Emily and Stacy Cloyd. That’s because the now-married couple first met while auditioning to be contestants on the show. Now, years later, they are telling their love story and expressing their gratitude to the show’s host, Alex Trebek, according to Yahoo! News.

Stacy and Emily first met in 2010. Even though they would end up competing against one another on the show, they were more than just opponents. As they got to know one another better, they realized they had similar backgrounds and passions, and bonded through their love of Jeopardy!. Only a couple of years after having first met, the pair were married.

Emily shared a photo of herself alongside Trebek on Twitter. Then, through a series of posts, she told her followers the touching story of how Jeopardy! and Trebek changed her life forever. She described the effect that the show had one her life as the “JEffect.”

She concluded the series of posts with a photo of her and Stacy on their wedding day, sharing a kiss while holding up a sign that read “Just Married.”

“#ThankYouAlex – @StacyCloyd and I can honestly say that you changed both of our lives. #JEffect,” she wrote.

Stacy explained why she thinks Jeopardy! is such a special show, it essentially brings people together.

“It’s a cultural touchstone at this point. It’s something that has been familiar to people, it’s something that families can watch together, it’s something that really prizes knowledge and rewards people for being smart, and that’s something that most television shows don’t do. Jeopardy!‘s really having a moment.”

Stacy and Emily are among many who have felt called to express their gratitude for the show and for Trebek. Right now, Trebek is currently battling stage four pancreatic cancer which he was diagnosed with in the spring of last year. While Trebek continues to maintain a positive attitude and fight the disease to the best of his ability, his days as a host are likely limited.

As to who will replace Trebek as host, one can only guess. However, he does have his own opinion, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“When people ask me who I’d like to see replace me, I say, ‘Well, it’s probably going to be a woman and she’ll have to be bright. She’ll have to have a good sense of humor,” Trebek previously said.