Ralph Nader Blasts Hillary Clinton For Bernie Sanders Attack: ‘She Gave America Trump’

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader listens during a news conference July 2, 2012 at Public Citizen in Washington, DC.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

American political activist and former United States presidential candidate Ralph Nader recently took aim at former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her claim that “nobody likes” 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders.

The 85-year-old author didn’t hold back on Twitter as he highlighted Clinton’s political record and Sanders’ previous support for her in the 2016 presidential election.

“Hillary Clinton, the butcher of Libya and neighbors, backer of the criminal Iraq war-slaughter, and lucrative toady of Wall Street, now blasts Bernie Sanders, who opposed all the above, and campaigned for her in 2016, before she gave America Trump. Disgraceful! -R”

Others have shared the suggestion that Clinton paved the way for Trump’s victory. After the former secretary of state implied Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset, Independent Justin Amash called Clinton a “Donald Trump asset.”

According to Amash, Clinton drove potential voters into the arms of Trump and pointed to the fact that Trump beat Clinton in his Michigan district despite polling worse than any Republican in modern times.

As for Nader, he has expressed his dislike for Clinton on many occasions. In a Vimeo interview with artist and activist itstheGADFLY back in 2016, when Clinton was running for the Democratic nomination, Nader again highlighted her ties to Wall Street and noted the reciprocal relationship between the two, The Hill reported.

He also attacked Clinton’s record in public service and suggested it was a sign that she is not fit to be president.

“She’s anything but direct and clear,” he said. “What kind of White House is she going to run with that kind of tradition of secrecy? A secret White House usually becomes an illegally operating White House.”

Nader claimed that Sanders — the Clinton alternative in the Democratic primary at the time — was the more viable option. He noted that Sanders’ public record reveals he did not give “paid speeches” for big-money interests and suggested he was a populist alternative to Clinton.

“The contrast couldn’t be greater between Hillary the hawk and Hillary the Wall Street promoter and the populist Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

After Clinton went on to win the Democratic nomination to face Trump, Nader revealed he wasn’t a fan of either, CNN reported. While Nader blasted Trump as a failed businessman that cheated his way to his wealth, he nevertheless said Clinton was the candidate tied to Wall Street and war.

Nader ultimately touted the Green Party platform as the best at the time.