Man Watching Trump Impeachment Trial Assaults Girlfriend After She Asks Him To Change TV Channel

Man with his hands cuffed.
KlausHausmann / Pixabay

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly choked and punched his girlfriend when she told him she wanted to watch something else on TV. According to USA Today, the man — identified as Lonnie D.Clark — was watching the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump when his girlfriend expressed her interest in changing the channel.

According to the York Daily Record, the incident happened at the Scottish Inn motel in northern York County around 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Clark’s victim was able to dial 911 soon after the assault. Police personnel reached the motel around 7:45 p.m. and took Clark into custody. There were visible injury marks on the woman’s neck and right cheek when officials arrived at the location, the report adds.

Court documents reveal that Clark was already upset over something and was consuming alcohol when the woman asked him to change the TV channel. Upon hearing the request, Clark began to curse at her and called her “dumb” and “stupid” before he began to choke her.

Describing the incident to police officers, the woman revealed that Clark had been consuming alcohol and watching news reports about President Trump’s impeachment trial all day when she told him that she wanted to watch something else on TV.

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A news ticker notes the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in New York. Spencer Platt / Getty Images

After hurling verbal abuse at her, the woman tried to calm him down while seated on his lap. However, an enraged Clark began to choke her with his hands and she started suffocating. She was able to break free and attempted to leave the room when Clark got up and punched her twice. He also pushed the woman several times. She was able to get inside a bathroom where she remained until she felt it was safe to come out.

After making sure that Clark had left, she darted out and reached the motel reception, where she dialed 911. In the call, the woman told the dispatcher she was afraid to go back into the room until the police showed up.

When interrogated by the police, Clark did not deny the incident and told them that he had an “argument” with his girlfriend. He also claimed that it was the woman who got aggressive with him and that he only “pushed her away.”

Following the arrest, Clark was arraigned and then released on a $5,000 unsecured bail. He will have to attend a preliminary hearing before a district judge on February 24, according to court dockets.