Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Game Coming To Vita

Walking Dead Telltale

Telltale’s The Walking Dead game is getting ported to even more platforms. The game has been immensely popular since its release and now it will be made available on the Playstation Vita.

The game is already available on the PC, the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 and even iOS. It only makes sense that the developers would want to get the game out on yet another mobile platform.

The television show that this particular game is loosely based on is only getting more popular with every episode. With that kind of popularity its no surprise that the game company is working to make sure and strengthen its hold on the market.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead game is going to have a second season released next year and it stands to reason that that particular edition of the game will be going out to the Vita at the same time it is released on the other platforms.

PlayStation’s Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Don Mesa talked about the draw in bringing a game like this to the Vita. Mesa said that having a studio like Telltale would be willing to support the Vita.

This game, of course should not be confused with the Walking Dead game that was released earlier this week. That game was actually officially licensed by the AMC network television show and includes a couple of the characters from that series.

This version of the game is licensed through the makers of the comic book but actually centers around characters that aren’t actually in the comic book series either.

This game actually introduces brand new characters into this unique universe. It actually gives players a look at this particular story from a fresh set of eyes and that appears to be part of the draw when all is said and done.

Will you be getting Telltale’s The Walking Dead game when it is finally available for the Vita?