Sterling K. Brown Talks ‘Struggles & Fears’ After Powerful ‘This Is Us’ Episode

The actor shared an unforgettable image and words of encouragement on Instagram.

THIS IS US -- "Lights and Shadows" Episode 410 -- Pictured: Sterling K. Brown as Randall.
Ron Batzdorff / NBC

The actor shared an unforgettable image and words of encouragement on Instagram.

Sterling K. Brown talked “struggles and fears” on Instagram after a powerful episode of This Is Us. Manifesting itself into an episode that left viewers of the NBC drama reeling, Randall deals with serious anxiety after years of suppressing his feelings.

In the episode titled “A Hell of a Week: Part One,” Randall’s emotions came to a head after several conflicting family issues turned themselves into raw reactions that were difficult for the character to control.

In an Instagram post, the actor touched on the episode that kicked off a trilogy of installments focusing on each Pearson sibling. He shared an illustration of a head that is filled with different and conflicting struggles, including grief, anxiety, phobia, post-traumatic stress, shame, depression, and panic.

In the caption, Sterling noted that everyone deals with different issues, stressed kindness toward one another, and reminded those that may be suffering in silence to ask for help when they need it.

Fans responded to both the powerful image and Sterling’s words with over 60,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“You Sir are a genius. Wow!!! Such an awesome performance,” said one viewer of the actor’s work on the episode.

“Amazing episode. Fighting a battle with yourself is the hardest one you will ever fight,” remarked a second viewer.

“Thank you for sharing your gift and this message with the world!” stated a third viewer and fan of the actor.

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Sterling in a story published after the unforgettable episode aired where he revealed his own take on Randall’s struggles.

The actor remarked that he felt this particular episode was “illuminating” for viewers learning that Randall has suffered from anxiety since he was a child. He lived with this level of “fear” his entire life. It was exposed by the loss of his father, Jack, the Pearson house fire, and his need to take care of those around him who were having difficulties, as fans have seen in flashback episodes of the NBC series.

In upcoming episodes of Season 4 of This Is Us, fans will likely see the issue come to a head again as Randall is the only sibling who knows of the medical struggles the Big Three’s mother Rebecca is enduring and how that will affect their bond moving forward. That issue had been teased in the fall midseason ender, which aired in November.

Sterling also remarked to The Hollywood Reporter that in a future episode, fans will see the Pearson siblings come together for the first time this season to really talk through the struggles each has faced during this time in their lives and how they can help one another moving forward.