Pope Francis Calls To Cancel Newspaper Delivery Himself

Pope Francis called to cancel his newspaper delivery after ascending to the papacy, it was revealed this week.

Pope Francis’ newspaper delivery cancellation is the latest in a string of everyday person things the new Pope has been up to since becoming the highest-ranking clergyman in the Catholic Church.

Before canceling his newspaper (as you do when you move … to the Vatican), the new Pope did some other stuff that generally one might assume the most Catholic of all Catholics on Earth would be able to delegate out to others so he could get on with the business of wielding a big gold scepter, making rules about stuff and whatever else it is popes do all day.

Instead, Pope Francis hotfooted it over to the modest hotel at which he stayed during the papal conclave to pay his bill in person, even though he totally could have had a butler do it. And besides, he didn’t want to leave the staff hanging after all their good times during Vatican Idol.

Then he headed over to his new house near the Sistine Chapel, where Pope Francis got on the horn with the local Jesuits to thank them for the big ups during the big dance off. (Amusingly, Pope Francis had to get through two gatekeepers for his call, and politely dealt with the receptionist as well.)

And after that, Pope Francis got around to calling and canceling Archbishop Weekly, or whatever it is popes read to keep up with current affairs. Numerous reports say that the local broadsheet in Buenos Aires was shocked to get a call from His Holiness, regretfully discontinuing his daily paper service, and again, the Pope had to repeat a line he’s probably quite tired of now: “Seriously, it’s Jorge Bergoglio. I’m calling you from Rome.”

Popes! They’re just like us. (Except infallible.)