‘The Young And The Restless’ Preempted Tuesday Due To Impeachment, CBS Announces New Airdate

Logo for the Daytime Drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

The Young and the Restless for Tuesday, January 21, was preempted due to impeachment proceedings in the United States Senate.

The soap opera took to Facebook to make the official announcement even though viewers throughout the four U.S. timezones previously reported either seeing impeachment breaking news or a rerun about Kristoff St. John and his character Neil’s death from last spring.

“Today’s episode of Y&R was preempted. It will air tomorrow at our regularly scheduled time.”

That means that the episode slated for today will move to tomorrow and all future episodes will move back one day, instead of the network putting the show available for free online for viewers to watch. Viewers were not thrilled about the news, and they worry that this type of interruption in the sudser’s storylines could end up taking place for several days or weeks as the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump continues in the Senate.

“There are plenty of cable networks if someone wants to watch this farce, including your own cable news network. Totally uncalled for to interrupt daytime programs,” asked one upset fan.

“Don’t say the show’s gonna resume again tomorrow because I’m pretty sure it will NOT because that impeachment trial may tie up the television for the rest of the WEEK….” another viewer worried.

“Why not just air today’s episode on the CBS app? Hint, hint…plays perfectly into your app promotion and proves its usefulness. Geez…not rocket science,” suggested another fan of the show who wanted the network to do what NBC plans to do with Tuesday’s Days of Our Lives.

Not everybody was unhappy, though. At least a few viewers who caught the Kristoff St. John rerun were happy to see the episode where several of the late actor’s co-stars discussed their time working with him on the show. St. John died last year on February 3, and the show did a special three-episode tribute to him in late April 2019.

Would-be viewers did not appreciate the preemption because they are enjoying the current storylines, which include Sharon’s (Sharon Case) breast cancer diagnosis as well as Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer (Hunter King) kissing later this week. Several fans feel that the breaking news isn’t a one-time thing, given the expected length of the impeachment trial. However, the good news is, it’s unlike that CBS will skip an episode entirely. They will either continue to make the call to pre-empt and move everything back or make the show available online and on its streaming services.