Amy Schumer Shares Pooping Problem With Oprah

On Saturday, Amy Schumer met with Oprah Winfrey in a dressing room before the pair appeared before a sold-out crowd of 1,500 who had gathered at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, for Oprah's "2020 Vision Tour." The media mogul included part of the pair's rather intimate discussion.

It was during that discussion that when, as the cameras rolled, the funny lady told the talk show icon about her health. She said she has been "feeling so much better" since being ill last year -- except for one nagging problem: Amy had not pooped since the previous Monday. So, for five full days, the Trainwreck star had not had a much-anticipated bowel movement.

Oprah appeared to be aghast as she learned this information. She even mentioned a possible cure, referring to a "tea thing" that was supposed to reverse constipation. Amy knew about the tea but told her host she was afraid that drinking it at that time might lead to a problem when the two hit the stage for their serious discussion about motherhood and marriage.

The initial Instagram video, part of Oprah's recent social media update, was followed by a second short clip in which Oprah showed her cell phone that included a text from Amy.

Apparently, a miracle had taken place while she was aloft. The new mom did not worry about TMI, but rather came right out with her news.

"I just pooped on the plane!" Schumer wrote to Oprah.

After that, the 65-year-old icon shouted at everyone around her, as well as everyone who engaged in her Instagram post.

"Hey everybody! Amy just pooped on the plane!"
Amy's bathroom admission to Oprah was popular on Instagram as soon as the update went live. Within a day of being posted, the poop-oriented discussion received more than 187,000 likes and 2,800-plus comments. Some followers offered emoji -- including the very special symbol for poop -- while others wrote about what they thought about Amy's bowel movement and her visit with Oprah.

"She. Was. Everything. So real. We loved her!!!!," stated an avid admirer, who added seven heart-face emoji.

"Haha love her realness. And O, you look fantastic!" exclaimed a second fan.

"That's a relief," remarked a third follower.

"This was an incredible event that will live on in my cells, in my soul, in my spirit," said a fourth Instagram user.

Oprah has been touring the country with her "2020 Vision Tour" that began two months ago in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when the legend spoke with Lady Gaga about her mental health issues.