Snake, Karma Set House On Fire In Texas [Video]


A snake in Texas went out in a fiery blaze of karmic glory this week when it accidentally set a house on fire.

According to KSLA, a woman cleaning up her yard in Bowie County, Texas, spotted a small snake near her home. The woman decided that the best thing to do was to throw gasoline on the snake and then light it on fire.

That was not a good idea.

The flaming snake scurried across the yard and crawled into a brush pile. The brush lit on fire and eventually caught the house on fire.

Deputy Randall Baggett with the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, said: “While cleaning up, she saw snake, threw gasoline on the snake, lit the snake on fire… The snake went into the brush pile and the brush pile caught the home on fire.”

Firefighters arrived on the scene to fight the fire but they couldn’t stop the blaze. The home was completely destroyed. A neighboring house was damaged.

Liberty Eylau Fire Chief David Wesslehoft said that this isn’t the first animal related fire that he’s had to deal with. He did say, however, that this was the first time that he has ever heard of a snake causing a fire.

Wesslehoft said: “It could happen with rabbits and big field mice. Once they start burning the grass, they get out of their hole, they have been known to catch fire and then take off.”

On a completely unrelated, but slightly humorous note. The fire took place on Will Smith road.

Here’s a video report about the flaming snake’s karmic vengeance.

It’s unclear at the moment if any charges will be filed against the woman for lighting the snake on fire.