WWE News: Another Superstar Quits Company

WWE has been cutting costs in recent months by releasing some of its underused talent, but some performers have also left the company on their own accord. The latest superstar to do the latter is Jazzy Gabert, according to statements that were released on her social media accounts.

According to an Instagram post, the superstar needs a break from wrestling and social media. The post also reveals that she "needs to change [her] profession" and is intending on embarking on a new career path. However, in a contradictory post on her Twitter account, she revealed that she's a "free agent," suggesting that she's open to accepting bookings from other promotions.

Gabert was a member of the NXT UK roster and mostly served an enforcer for Jinny. However, her in-ring appearances were scarce, as she only had a handful of matches since joining the company in May last year.

The superstar made her initial WWE debut in the first Mae Young Classic tournament. She lost to Abbey Laith in the first round, but her in-ring skills impressed company officials enough to offer her a full-time contract afterward. Unfortunately, the deal was temporarily taken off the table after the performer got injured, but as soon as she recovered, she was offered another one.

Since Gabert's contract expired, she won't be restricted by WWE's 90-day no-compete clause. Therefore, she is free to wrestle for other promotions immediately should she decide to continue pursuing wrestling. However, if her Instagram post is anything to go by, she intends on stepping away from sports entertainment for the foreseeable future.

Losing "The Alpha Female" will be viewed as a loss for NXT UK, though. While she had yet to find momentum on the show, her powerful in-ring style and physique made her a standout performer on a roster that's full of skilled talents. It was surely only a matter of time before she was given an opportunity to rise up the card.

However, the NXT UK roster is littered with talent, and the company is making moves to get them some more recognition on the global scale. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Triple H wants to secure a television deal for the British brand's show, similar to the agreement between the main version of NXT and the USA Network.

Of course, the NXT UK roster will have a chance to make an impression on January 24, as they'll compete against their American counterparts at When Worlds Collide.