WWE News: Carmella Reacts To Boyfriend Corey Graves Tweeting At His Long-Term Crush


Following the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Mandy Rose posted a flirtatious tweet directed at Otis, who caught her after she fell from the apron during a match. In her tweet, Rose stated that she is falling for the Heavy Machinery member, and Corey Graves wasn’t too pleased with the sentiment. The commentator has been Rose’s biggest fan for a while now, and he isn’t pleased about her affection for Otis. However, Graves’ girlfriend, Carmella, wasn’t happy with his actions towards Rose and took to Twitter to speak her mind.

Retweeting Graves’ original comment — which was a crying emoji — Carmella took a dig at her boyfriend. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion feigned sympathy for the announcer and encouraged Rose to take him off her hands.

“You poor thing.. I feel so bad for you. At this point, I wish she would just take you.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Carmella and Graves have been dating since last year. Carmella opened up about their relationship on an episode of Total Divas, in which she revealed that she was initially hesitant to get involved with the announcer as he was going through a divorce at the time.

The couple has been going strong ever since, though, and their relationship has been openly discussed in public since the episode aired. The recent exchange between Graves and Rose probably won’t drive a wedge between them, as Carmella’s comments appear to have been made in a jokey spirit. Furthermore, Graves’ tweet is consistent with the announcer’s on-air persona. His character has always had a crush on Rose, and he is prone to showering her with compliments during his commentary.

There is also the possibility that this will lead to a storyline between Carmella and Rose. While Rose is currently involved in an entertaining romantic angle with Otis, that doesn’t mean she can’t feud with someone on the blue brand roster. WWE is certainly prone to showcasing relationship drama storylines, though Graves isn’t the biggest fan of them.

However, there has been friction between Carmella and Rose in the past, and the pair even faced off against each other on a December episode of Friday Night SmackDown. With Graves thrown into the equation, the rivalry could be set off once again.

Graves hasn’t responded to Carmella’s tweet at the time of this writing. However, if a storyline stems from it, chances are wrestling fans will see it play out on next week’s show.