January 18, 2020
Anthony de Caluwe, Alleged Ambassador-Stalker, Directs Group To Turn Humans Into 'Interstellar Civilization'

Anthony de Caluwe, a Belgian national and ardent Donald Trump supporter whose text messages appear to show that he was somehow stalking United States Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, is also listed as the director of The Leeward Space Foundation, which is dedicated to turning the human race into an "interstellar civilization."

The connection was turned up by Washington Post investigative reporter Jon Swaine, who posted it to his Twitter account, noting that de Caluwe is listed on the group's site as a director of The Leeward Space Foundation. The foundation states its mission is "to help Humanity become a space-faring race through exploration, commercialization and colonization of our solar system & beyond."

The Leeward Space Foundation site describes de Caluwe as "an experienced world traveler with business related experience in the area of Space Solar Power," as well as in telecommunications, retail sales, marketing, management, accounting, and finance. The site also states that de Caluwe is fluent in five languages -- English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French -- and is "well respected throughout the world."

The Leeward site says that de Caluwe's role with the space-exploration advocacy group would be to serve as a liaison with business and government officials.

In a new batch of text messages provided by Ukraine scandal figure Lev Parnas, and released late Friday by the House Judiciary Committee, de Caluwe is seen messaging with Trump donor and Connecticut congressional candidate Robert Hyde, apparently describing the movements of Yovanovitch in Kiev — as if he, or someone else with whom he is in communication, has been secretly watching and following her.

But de Caluwe — who according to his biography on the Leeward site had lived in El Salvador for seven years — was contacted by NBC News and denied that he was involved in stalking or surveilling Yovanovitch. He described his texts with Hyde as "ridiculous banter."

The messages included one in which de Caluwe tells Hyde, "it's confirmed we have a person inside," and others in which he says, "she is still not moving," and "she had visitors."

"My engagement in this exchange with Rob is something that has no credibility," de Caluwe told NBC News in an emailed statement on Saturday. He described his friendship with Hyde as "jovial."

But why two Trump supporters would get the idea to engage in "ridiculous banter" about placing Yovanovitch under surveillance in early 2019 remains unclear, as does Hyde's reason for re-texting the exchange to Parnas.

According to Forensic News founder Scott Stedman, via Twitter, in September 2016, "de Caluwe's Twitter account changed from some weird private banking stuff to ALL pro-Trump MAGA stuff on a dime."