Wendy Williams Drops The Price Of The Luxury Mansion She Once Shared With Kevin Hunter

Talk show host Wendy Williams is trying to get a fresh start in 2020, but first she has to get rid of the baggage left over from her marriage to estranged husband Kevin Hunter. Williams is trying to part with her luxury Livingston, New Jersey mansion which has been on the market for a while now. Williams has now dropped the price of the home to $1,699,000 after initially pricing it at a whopping $1,895,000, according to Yahoo! News.

This particular mansion is where Williams used to live with Hunter and their now adult son, Kevin Hunter, Jr. After she filed for divorce from an unfaithful Hunter in April of last year, the house publicly went on the market, making headlines. There was so much drama due to the messy divorce that the home was temporarily taken off the market.

Hunter reportedly requested a sizable amount of money from Williams in their divorce proceedings. Part of the settlement was that she would pay him to find a new home. Now that the agreement has been made, the house is back up for sale and likely will be purchased pretty quickly due to the reduced price.

Jamie Silverman is the real estate agent who is taking care of selling the home. The house itself is pretty massive with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and an oversized finished basement. The appliances and other features are, of course, top-notch, complete with granite countertops, custom cabinetry, a jacuzzi tub and a steam shower. The backyard is also a sight to behold with a large patio and pond.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams has been trying to move on fully from her difficult past year for the last several months. Unfortunately, her divorce from Hunter is taking a lot longer than she anticipated it would, and he has reportedly not made the process easier.

Inside sources have claimed the divorce is really starting to take a toll on the talk show host’s mental health.

“[The divorce] has really stressed Wendy out and it’s taking a toll on her mood, for sure. She’s been very, very stressed on days she’s dealing with it. You can tell a difference between when she’s dealing with it day to day and not as she can go from great spirits and loving life to struggling at the drop of a hat.”

Williams was married to Hunter for more than two decades, and he was also the executive producer of her show.

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