Teen Girls Kidnap Elderly Woman: Lock Her In Car Trunk

Teen Girls Kidnap Elderly Woman

Two teen girls kidnapped an elderly woman and locked her in her car trunk. Margaret E. Smith spent two days in the trunk of her car while Junia McDonald , age 14, and Jackeline H. Perez, age 15, went for a joyride.

Smith, 89, was reportedly at the Milford Chicken Man restaurant, in Delaware, when the teens approached her for a ride home. Smith agreed to give the girls a ride as it was only a few miles away.

As reported by NY Daily News, when she stopped to drop them off, they ordered her out of the car. The young girls took Smith’s keys and $500 she had in her pocket. They then proceeded to force her into the trunk of her car.

After the teens kidnapped the elderly woman, and locked her in the trunk, they left to pick up more friends. Phillip L. Brewer and Rondaiges A. Harper, both age 17, joined the the girls as they drove around town.

Two days later the teens drove Smith to a cemetery over 20 miles away. They threatened her life, but eventually left her laying on the ground as they drove away with her car.

The 89-year-old woman was bruised and weak from being locked in the trunk, but managed to crawl through the cemetery until she found help.

Authorities transported her to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital for treatment. After a brief stay, Smith was released. She and her family are thankfully that she only suffered bruises.

As reported by Philly.com, The Deleware State Patrol located the teens and the car later that evening. The teen girls and three teen boys were arrested.

Jackeline and Junia are each being held on $122,000 bond for carjacking, kidnapping, robbery, and conspiracy.

Rondaiges and Phillip are each being held on $27,000 bond for receiving stolen property, kidnapping, and conspiracy.

All four teens involved in kidnapping the elderly woman are being charged as adults. Smith and her family are just grateful she was strong enough to survive being locked in a trunk for two days.