Marc Webb’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ Tweet Gives Away Who Colm Feore Is Playing

Marc Webb continues to tease us on Twitter with set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Day 33? Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane’s security detail.

Ravencroft debuted in the comics in the early 90s, and is apparently going to play a pretty significant role in the sequel to 2012’s Spider-Man franchise reboot. Remember, think of Ravencroft as Spider-Man’s Arkham Asylum.

This is the third image of Ravencroft Webb has tweeted thus far. The previous two featured a simple direction sign within the institute, and our first look at actor Colm Feore.

Feore’s photo shows the actor standing with his back to us in front of a huge seal of some kind. I couldn’t quite figure out what the symbol was, but I swore it looked familiar. Well as it turns out, I’m not scoring any points for attention to detail. I recognized the symbol because it’s the symbol for Ravencroft Institute, which Ihad already seenand written about previously.

Mea culpa, readers.

Anyway, this starts to bring Feore’s role in Amazing Spider-Man 2 into a bit more focus. It has long been unknown who exactly he’s playing, but an actor of his high caliber has to be someone important to the mythology, right? Right. My best guess as of now is that he’s the director of Ravencroft Institute.

If he’s actually a character from the comic books, he could be a male Dr. Ashley Kafka (doubtful), Dr. Leonard Samson (also doubtful), or John Jameson. That last option is especially intriguing, because early speculation had Feore playing J. Jonah Jameson, known from the comics and the Sam Raimi films as Peter Parker’s employer at the Daily Bugle. In the comics, John is his son (he was also portrayed in Spider-Man 2 by Daniel Gillies), but they could pull a bit of timeline magic to make Feore’s John Jonah’s brother … or something.

In any case, we have no idea how large a role Ravencroft will play in the sequel, who will be held there, and whether that’s where Rhys Ifans’ Dr. Curt Connors wound up at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man.

All we know is that it’s a maximum-security prison for criminally insane supervillains, which Webb looks to be translating pretty faithfully in his latest tweet:

Are you excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? It hits theaters on May 2, 2014.