‘The Bachelor’ Spoiler King Reality Steve Admits He Still Doesn’t Know Who Peter Weber’s Final Pick Is

It looks that Peter Weber’s final The Bachelor pick has been shrouded in so much mystery that Reality Steve still doesn’t know who she is. The entertainment blogger and podcaster who’s known for spoiling the show admitted that he’s still just as in the dark about this season’s ending as the rest of the audience.

“It’s definitely different this season,” he said during an interview with Bachelor recap YouTube channel, Whit And Rhy. “We are in a situation where it’s the longest it’s ever taken me for Bachelor… There’s a lot of missing pieces for this season that I don’t have just yet.”

Steve went on to say that he doesn’t think the show’s promos have been exaggerating by claiming that Peter’s ending will be like nothing fans of the franchise have seen before.

“I think one thing I can say with certainty is that I don’t think they’re really being hyperbolic when talking about this season,” he said. “I think this is truly different.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Peter said that there’s a reason that the end of the season will be unspoiled. He called it “unique.”

Steve said that he’s confident that he knows the identities of the final two women. He also believes that he’ll discover Peter’s final choice before the finale airs. He admitted that he’s heard various theories about the ending from his sources but stressed that he doesn’t know which one of them is “legit.”

“I don’t know which one is real yet because while I’ve heard possible endings I haven’t been given the proof or the evidence I need to back that up,” he said.

The blogger, whose real name is Stephen Carbone, also said that he thinks Peter is currently in a relationship with someone so he doesn’t believe that the Delta Air Lines pilot will choose his fiancee in front of a live audience during the final episode.

But, unfortunately for fans of The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown, Steve does not think that she’s Peter’s final pick. On the first and second episodes of The Bachelor this year, the two seemed to rekindle a romance that blossomed between them when he vied for her heart on The Bachelorette.

During the second episode of The Bachelor this week, Hannah and Peter went their separate ways, but there’s still some hope among viewers that she might be a part of the surprise ending. However, according to Steve’s sources, that isn’t the case.

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