January 16, 2020
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Max Boyens Apologizes After Racist Tweets Resurface

Vanderpump Rules newcomer Max Boyens is speaking out in the aftermath of resurfaced social media comments he made nearly a decade ago. The TomTom general manager issued a statement to People Magazine after racist tweets he posted in 2012 began making the rounds upon his debut on the Bravo reality show.

In his statement, Boyens did not deny writing the tweets and admitted he is ashamed of his past social media behavior.

"I want to sincerely apologize for what I tweeted in 2012 — it was wrong on every level," Boyens said. "It is not a representation of who I am. I am shocked I ever tweeted that — and I am disgusted and embarrassed — I am truly sorry."

Boyens' social media footprint included derogatory Twitter posts about Asians and African Americans. While the Vanderpump Rules star's tweets are now listed as "protected," his past remarks have been forever captured on the Instagram account Bravo and More. Boyens' racist tweets include the revelation that the n-word is his "favorite word," as well as a threat that he wants to punch every Asian "in the suck hole." He also described a girl at his school as "big and black."

While he has regrets on the disturbing comments he made when he was a teenager, Boyens recently admitted that everything he says on Vanderpump Rules represents his real feelings at the time.

"I mean no one else has a filter, so why should we? If I said something, I probably meant it," Boyens revealed.

The controversial reality star is already being dubbed the "new Jax Taylor" by some Vanderpump Rules fans. In the early days of the Bravo hit, Taylor was embroiled in multiple cheating scandals and other unflattering behaviors. Two weeks into his debut as a new cast member on Vanderpump Rules, and Boyens has already been part of a love triangle with his co-stars Scheana Marie and Dayna Kathan, in which Scheana accused him of ghosting her. Now, Boyens' past is coming back to haunt him.

Boyens denied a love triangle situation. He recently told Hollywood Life that he had a brief fling with Scheana that "ended a long time ago," and that it was prior to him knowing who Dayna was.

Although their past is still in question, Boyens and Vanderpump Rules veteran Scheana Marie recently settled their differences after he was caught calling her "boy crazy" during a conversation with fellow Bravo newbie Brett Caprioni.