January 15, 2020
Florida Man Living In A Disney-Developed Neighborhood Allegedly Admits To Murdering His Wife And Children

Celebration, Florida, is a community originally developed by Walt Disney located near Disney World in Osceola County. On Wednesday, it was reported that a man named Anthony Todt allegedly confessed to murdering his wife, children, and the family dog, according to NBC News.

"Anthony Todt, 44, has been arrested on multiple counts of homicide and one count of felony animal cruelty after he told authorities he murdered his family and their dog, Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said Wednesday," read the article.

Per the New York Post, Todt answered the door to authorities on Monday. They were there to serve a warrant after several relatives grew concerned about the missing family. Upon entering the home, they found a grisly crime scene.

The bodies found were those of his wife, Megan, and their three children, Alec, Tyler, and Zoe. They also found the body of the family's pet dog, Breezy.

Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson alleged that the bodies could have been on the premises for several weeks before finally being discovered.

On December 29, relatives of the Todt family requested a wellness check after not hearing from them for several days. Allegedly, Anthony Todt had told them that his wife and kids were suffering from a bout of the flu, but they grew concerned over the lack of contact.

When officers arrived at the property to conduct the check-in, there was nothing of suspicion to note, and they left when no one answered the door.

According to NBC News, local authorities returned to the house on January 9 to serve an arrest warrant for Todt concerning a different case, one which pertained to a False Claims Act investigation filed by the Connecticut Attorney General's Office. Again, officers received no response after knocking on the door.

A row of houses in Celebration, Florida
Getty Images | Preston Mack

The NBC News article quoted Gibson, who explained why the officers left.

"This family is known to travel, so it wasn't uncommon to think or even have a thought in your mind that they picked up and went to Clearwater or Cocoa Beach for the day or for a week."
Anthony and Megan Todt owned Family Physical Therapy in Colchester, Connecticut. He would often travel back and forth between Connecticut and Florida, typically spending weekends with his wife and children and weekdays at his practice.

However, the New York Post article wrote that his physical therapy license expired back in September 2019. It was also reported that the family had received an eviction notice in December for allegedly neglecting to pay rent on their Celebration home.