Mayim Bialik Hates Frozen? She's 'Had Just Enough Already' With Disney Classics - Here's Why!

Mayim Bialik, supporting actress on The Big Bang Theory, recently used a blog post to inform the world of how much she disliked the popular Disney animated film, Frozen.

In one of the newest blog posts on, Bialik goes into detail about how the "plot and feminism" of the highest-grossing film in 2013 prevents her from falling in love with it like millions of other people around the world.

Mayim Bialik opened her blog by clearly stating that her viewpoints on Frozen would force her to lose a substantial number of fans. She even went as far as saying that she would "lose more fans than when I declared myself a proud liberal Zionist during Operation Protection Edge."

The title of the blog post alone ("Why My Sons and I Hate Frozen") should have scared off quite a few people at the very start. However, within the actual blog itself, Mayim Bialik brought up several interesting points that will at least get you thinking about the deep layers presented within this animated classic.

As mentioned, Mayim Bialik is completely turned off by the "plot and feminism" featured within Frozen - admitting in her post that many people do not even realize those are problems in the first place.

"Sure, it's sort of hidden, but the search for a man/love/Prince is still the reigning plot line in the movie, as it is with pretty much all movies for young people which are animated. The sister's desire to marry this guy she just met, and the other sister getting mad at her–we still have a plot about the identification of a woman being based on her desire and search to meet a man."
Mayim Bialik went on to state that her primary issue with Frozen is that "this is a movie geared to small children who [she doesn't] think need to be focusing on that as the main driving plot of a movie."

In her "socially conservative opinion," Mayim Bialik also stated that she did not feel that the young characters featured as the leading roles in Frozen are "certainly not old enough" to be "searching for mates."

Within the blog, Mayim Bialik does not hold anything back in her dissection of this film - from the portrayal of male and female stereotypes to the way that the characters were even animated. It seems as if she has been holding this hatred for Frozen in for quite some time and figured that now was the perfect time to get it all off of her chest.

Mayim Bialik even made a little time to stop talking about Frozen, but to focus more on the problems she has discovered as more of a common trend within the vast majority of Disney classics as a whole.

"I've had just enough already with this finding a man business in most every kids' movie...Disney classics were all about this and look where it's gotten us! Naked billboards of singers and women still not paid equal pay for equal work and ridiculous standards of beauty and body image."
If you had a chance to read her blog from beginning to end, then you are either (1) offended and think that Mayim Bialik is crazy for talking bad about what could very well be the most successful Disney movie of all time or (2) a little confused and stuck in a trance since you have come to the realization that Mayim Bialik is right.

Perhaps there are many people that feel the way that Twitter user Tracy does about Mayim Bialik and her recent history of controversial statements, blogs and comments:

To conclude her blog, Mayim Bialik once again hinted at the fact that not everyone would appreciate what she had to say. However, in her own words, "I'm just keeping it real, yo."