‘The Bachelor’ Finale Spoiler Updates: Reality Steve Remains Confident He’ll Uncover The Essential Details

John FleenorABC

Peter Weber has been confident that the ending for his run as The Bachelor won’t leak, but blogger Reality Steve is diligently working on piecing everything together. In his new blog post, Reality Steve breaks down what he’s figured out and explains why he is gaining confidence that he will soon have big spoilers to reveal.

Ahead of The Bachelor premiere, Peter said that he felt certain that nobody, including Reality Steve, would be able to spoil the ending to his season. He said there is a specific reason why viewers will remain in the dark until the finale airs, and — so far — specifics do remain under wraps.

In his new blog post, Reality Steve’s spoilers divulge a few more details regarding what he knows about Peter’s season. One tidbit he notes is a comment host Chris Harrison recently made during a chat with ET Online.

“First of all, [Peter’s] new at this, so you can’t make a claim like that. But I know what he’s actually talking about, which is, it’s a wild finish. It is a season that got turned on its head and is an emotional, dramatic, finish,” Chris explained.

It is interesting to see Chris admit that Peter might be more confident then he should be in saying that his Bachelor ending won’t leak. The other intriguing thing that fans could perhaps presume from what Chris said is that it sounds as if Peter’s ending is already determined.

That is significant information if it’s true. Some fans of The Bachelor have speculated that Peter might be as confident as he is because the ending hasn’t been determined yet. For example, if Peter were holding back on making a final decision until the live portion of the finale, it’s fair to say that the exact ending couldn’t leak.

Now, however, it sounds as if there is an ending to uncover, albeit one that is surprising or unusual in some sense.

Reality Steve’s spoilers at this point maintain that Peter is with someone, that there was no engagement at the final rose ceremony, and that the person he picks is one of his final two ladies. Reality Steve says that he feels confident that the big secret is about how Peter gets to the ending.

“And no, I do not believe, nor have I been given any info that leads to this being a decision he’s gonna make on the ATFR. I just don’t see either woman agreeing to that and, well, just heard nothing of the sort,” Reality Steve shares.

“Who he’s with isn’t gonna be as hard to find out as to HOW we get to that point, because there is some messiness late in the season,” the blogger teases.

Just who is Peter with now? Reality Steve explains that there are a lot of signs he’s with Madison Prewett, but he has heard other things that point toward Peter picking Hannah Ann Sluss.

“Some pieces just don’t fit. For each of them. And that’s what I’m trying to figure out. No worries. I’ll get there eventually,” he wrote.

If Peter had made his final pick, as seems to be the case based on these comments from Chris and other emerging tidbits, it seems a stretch to think that Reality Steve will never figure it out. For example, Colton Underwood’s ending last year on The Bachelor was legitimately unusual and wild. Reality Steve got a few of the details wrong on how the end played out, but he got Colton’s pick and the overall situation nailed down.

Can Reality Steve do it again for Peter’s season? The Bachelor spoilers do hint that something happens during the finale that is a franchise first, and fans will be curious to see just how wild this all gets.