Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ Teasers Released [Video]

Hemlock Grove teasers are released

Netflix’s Hemlock Grove teasers are hitting the web for the first time. The original series is yet another attempt by Netflix to break into broadcast television in new and different ways.

While House of Cards was the online service making a foray into political drama thanks to big names like Kevin Spacey, this time the comapany is getting into the horror genre.

The big star in this particular series is Famke Jansen who is apparently a vampire or some sort of vampiric type creature. Netflix also brought a big time director and producer on board with Eli Roth.

While Roth will certainly serve more as an executive producer, he is also directing the first two episodes. Roth is certainly someone who knows his way around grisly horror flicks.

Hemlock Grove actually released four different teasers that shed some light on the various characters and creatures that inhabit the series.

Along with Janssen, the original series stars Bill Skarsgard, Landon Liboiron, Dougray Scott, Penelope Mitchell, Freya Tingley, and Lili Taylor. The stars are denizens of a town in which horrible murders have taken place.

The teasers seem to show that there are a couple of different monsters lurking in the town and that the creatures are on an eventual collision course.

Like House of Cards, this series will be releasing an entire season at one time. That little trick alone sets Netflix original series’ apart from broadcast television’s current approach.

Instead of having to wait a week for the next episode in a series, people can watch at their own pace. If they want to take it piece by piece they can, if they want to do a marathon approach they can do that as well.

Netflix’s original series Hemlock Grove will be made available on April 19, will you be watching?