Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Kyle Punches Theo

Johnny VyCBS

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that things finally erupt between Kyle and Theo, and the two frenemies come to blows — again.

It is no secret that Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Theo (Tyler Johnson) don’t get along. They shared a shady past in New York and got into a bit of trouble with an underage girl. Theo resents that Kyle had the money to pay to make the whole thing go away. Their relationship got even more awkward when Theo began dating Kyle’s ex-wife, Summer (Hunter King), even though they eventually broke up.

Then, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Traci (Beth Maitland) uncovered the truth about Dina’s (Marla Adams) illegitimate child, who was Theo’s father, making Kyle and Theo cousins. Also, Theo works at Jabot, which hasn’t helped ease the tension between these two. Summer is Theo’s boss, but ultimately, they both answer to Kyle.

Now, Theo has his sights set on Kyle’s wife, Lola (Sasha Calle). Lola is aware of Kyle and Theo’s animosity, but she continues to urge Kyle to ease up on Theo and give him a chance. Theo spends a lot of time around Lola at Society sampling her new dishes and chatting about life. Kyle makes it clear he doesn’t like his wife and Theo spending so much time together, but Lola hasn’t let Kyle’s feelings keep her from having a friendship with Theo.

It looks like tensions will explode between these two again. This time, Kyle decks Theo in the kitchen at Society while Lola looks on in dismay. According to a spoilers picture in Soap Opera Digest, Kyle appears to get the best of Theo in the fight. However, he may not win with Lola. She does not seem pleased to see her husband knocking Theo out.

As the new year dawned, Theo told Summer he didn’t intend to let anything stop him from getting what he wanted. The implication was that he wanted Lola, which doesn’t bode well for Kyle and Lola. Now that things have come to blows again, Lola will not be happy, and she could take Theo’s side in the situation, which will add further tension between Theo and Kyle. Plus, if he’s arguing with Lola, Kyle may find himself turning to Summer. They work together, and given the recent birthday gift she gave Kyle, it appears that Summer is biding her time until she has an opening to draw Kyle back in for another chance at a relationship.