‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Answers Coming For Trina & Stella, Actress Briana Henry All-In On A Curtis Twist

Donnell Turner, Briana Henry, and Sydney Mikayla star on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin/Todd Wawrychuk / ABC/Walt Disney Television

New General Hospital spoilers tease that the show will soon round back to the DNA mysteries that were kicked off a while back for both Aunt Stella and Trina. Both ladies had taken DNA tests and found they had close relatives living in Port Charles, but then the topic disappeared for a while. Now, some fresh details about what’s ahead have emerged.

Months ago, Aunt Stella talked with Curtis and Jordan about the surprise match that emerged from her DNA test. Before this could proceed too far, Stella went vacationing abroad. More recently, Trina mentioned during detention with Dev, Josslyn, and Cameron that she had taken a DNA test and been matched with someone in town.

Soon after that, Curtis and Trina interacted as he asked questions about the chaos at Ava’s gallery, and this sparked plenty of buzz among General Hospital fans. As soon as Stella’s DNA test results were mentioned, many people started to speculate that Trina would be that relative. As Trina and Curtis bantered, the buzz escalated.

Now, the new issue of Soap Opera Digest dives in on this speculation. In an interview with Briana Henry (Jordan), they address the elephant in the room: could Trina be Curtis’ daughter? Briana seems all for it.

“I’m excited for any reason to have a new, intriguing storyline. Hopefully, this will open up a bit more of a family storyline for us and I’m excited to see what happens with it,” enthuses Briana.

The actress says she loves Sydney Mikayla, who portrays Trina, and she’s frequently asking Donnell Turner (Curtis) if he knows of any developments with this possibility.

“Literally, I check in with Donnell all the time: ‘Is she your daughter yet? Is this happening yet?’ I’m just ready! I think she’s so sweet and so talented. Let’s bring her into the Ashford family!” Briana teases.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that answers may finally emerge soon. Stella is returning to Port Charles in the coming week, and sometime soon, Trina will learn more about her mystery relative.

Jordan is going to be rather preoccupied with digging into the truth about her friend’s death in the days ahead. General Hospital spoilers tease that the writers seemingly sense this could be the perfect time to throw some chaos at the Ashford crew.

Some viewers might say that this Trina and Curtis connection is pretty obvious, and they’d like to see this head in a more creative direction. At the same time, fans love Sydney and the character of Trina and are ready to see more of her, no matter what it takes to make it happen. For now, everybody will have to stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers to see where this heads next.