Dog The Bounty Hunter Will Not Push Moon Angell Out Of His Life, Despite Daughter’s Anger

Duane Chapman on FOX and Friends
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Rumors have been circulating since late last year that Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is dating his late wife’s personal assistant, Moon Angell. Beth Chapman succumbed to throat cancer after a long bout with the disease in June of 2019. In December, Dog’s daughters, Lyssa Chapman and Cecily Chapman, spoke out on social media in a rage sparking the rumors that Moon had moved in with their father. Dog has denied any romantic involvement with the family friend and says she is only helping him mourn Beth.

Now a source is speaking with The Hollywood Life to dish on the Dog and Moon situation, and it looks like the bounty hunter will not be pushing Moon out of his life despite the hurt it has caused his daughters.

“Moon has been a really great friend to both Beth and Dog for years. They are more brother and sister than anything else. Moon has built a trust and friendship with Dog that shouldn’t be confused with anything else,” the anonymous source claimed.

“His kids have always been a lightning rod and say things that aren’t true and it is something that Dog, unfortunately, has to deal with. But Dog isn’t looking to throw anyone under the bus, as he just wants to live his life and that includes a friendship with Moon. It is nothing more no matter what anyone wants to say.”

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Lyssa has referred to Moon as a “disgusting woman” and claimed online that Dog’s possible new love interest moved Beth’s clothes out of the family home and moved her own into her stepmom’s closet. Lyssa also alleged that Moon tried to swindle her way into the family by trying to date her brother and is now working hard to date Dog.

The Hollywood Life source also claimed that Dog will not let his children control his life, and will make his own decisions when it comes to Moon.

“She’s here to stay,” the insider claimed.

The source also called the situation “very sad” and that Dog just wants his family around him during this difficult time, but it looks like Moon is causing a major wedge in the family. Other Chapman family members have yet to speak out on the relationship between Dog and Moon, but Lyssa continues to speak out on the matter on Twitter.

The 32-year-old tweeted earlier this week that Dog can do whatever he wants, especially with his dynasty and money, but made it clear she would not support what he was doing and will not be remembered for doing so.