Bizarre Home Invasion Results In Two Teen Deaths

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Dallas, TX – A bizarre Texas home invasion in resulted in two teen deaths. The small town of Maypearl was rocked by the gunfire that took place on Wednesday afternoon. A woman saw a person trying to get in her back door and the looked out the window and saw another man adorned in camouflage holding a gun.

The woman called her husband for help. The husband, who was nearby, quickly arrived back home and came to his wife’s aid. After several minutes of gunfire, two young male suspects were dead in the yard. Both of the suspected home invaders reportedly died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Department had the bodies transferred to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office. The identities of the young men were withheld until next of kin could be notified and then the autopsies began.

Once the names of the young men were released, the Texas home invasion story took yet another unusual twist. An alert has gone out prior to the shooting for Oklahoma resident Kenneth Chaffin, 17. The teenager had reportedly stolen thousands of rounds of ammunition, 17 guns, and a pickup truck from is parents.

Chaffin and Dillan King, 18, reportedly fled to a field behind the house when the husband arrived, firing wildly at the house as they ran. One of the suspects had been shot several times, but reportedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kenneth Chaffin’s father was shocked by the news of the home invasion. During an interview with KWTV-TV, the grieving father said, “Why he left, we don’t have a clue right now. We’ll probably never know. Kenneth has always bucked my rules. I’m a hardnosed parents.” The father went on to say that he firmly believes in the importance of rules and that all his kids know that.

The Maypearl homeowner was also injured in the exchange of gunfire, but his injuries were minor and he was treated at the scene. Ellis County Lt. James Saulter noted that he believes the home invasion would have had an entirely different outcome if the homeowners had not been gun owners, because the suspects were so heavily armed.