‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Considers Bailing On Nina And Crimson

Maxie has another job opportunity.

General Hospital star Kirsten Storms.
Michael Yada / ABC

Maxie has another job opportunity.

It’s pretty clear lately that Maxie is not happy with her job at Crimson any longer. This past week on General Hospital, she has become quite exasperated with Nina after her boss came back to work and took everything over that Maxie has worked so hard for, even after she has hinted that she would continue what she started in Nina’s absence.

On Monday, Spinelli is returning, as SheKnows Soaps indicated, and the previews show him asking his ex if she was thinking about leaving Crimson. The look on her face reveals that she is definitely considering her options.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Lucy Coe had a meeting with Nina to go over a proposal for Crimson to team up with the renewal of Lucy’s company, Deception. Nina seemed to be all for it until she saw Sasha’s face staring at her on the cover. She changed her mind quickly, but Sasha came strolling in and gave her own speech to Nina about the success that she would be missing out on. Maxie then took the lead and started giving out some advice on making the Deception cover stand out even more. Nina then said that she would think about it.

Lucy was very impressed by Maxie’s creative eye. As they were walking out, Lucy mentioned to Maxie that she should come over to Deception as her partner. That sparked Maxie’s interest, and it looks like she will be discussing that possibility with Spinelli on Monday.

Things have been a little tense between Nina and Maxie recently. Maxie wasn’t very happy that Nathan’s sister didn’t tell her about her plan for Valentin. Now she isn’t happy that Nina is not letting her do what she does best at Crimson. She is feeling unappreciated and that is causing even more friction between the women.

Will Maxie just bail on Nina and partner up with Lucy? Or will she go and talk to her about how unhappy she is at her job? Spinelli may give her some advice on what to do in this situation.

Nina’s mind seems to be elsewhere right now. She is currently left with no husband and no daughter to love, and that is weighing heavily on her, despite that she felt a need for revenge against Valentin. She may also be left without an assistant pretty soon.

Maxie is expected to be left heartbroken as well when Peter’s secrets are exposed. She may need Nina’s shoulder to cry on since she knows how it feels to be totally lied to. General Hospital promises more drama coming as Jason Morgan seems to be on Peter’s trail, and Spinelli is more than happy to help out with gathering some incriminating evidence against him.