WWE News: Former Champion Teases Leaving The Company In Latest YouTube Video


With a very full roster spread across multiple brands, there isn’t always room in WWE for every single superstar to have a big role. For the most part, Matt Hardy has been in limbo ever since his brother Jeff was injured in May of last year. There has been speculation that he will be leaving the company once his contract reportedly expires in March, and his latest episode of “Free the Delete” even hints that his time in the promotion is almost up.

Matt has hardly wrestled at all in the last seven months and his latest “Free the Delete” episode on YouTube hints that change is coming. These videos are put together by Matt, his wife Reby, and their entire family, but they are not actually associated with WWE.

In the videos, Matt has often referenced other superstars such as Bray Wyatt, but the videos are still of his own creation. The latest episode is one that drops some really big hints regarding his future and how it may not be with WWE after his contract expires on March 1.

Matt Hardy has reportedly been negotiating with WWE on an extension and the two sides are close on financial terms. As reported by Wrestling Inc., the thing keeping them apart is how Matt’s character will be handled creatively as he would like more control of things.

In the video, there is a character named “Kennagen” which is said to represent Vince McMahon, but that hasn’t been confirmed. At one point, it is said that Matt’s zenith will “cease to exist past 3220” which could equal out to be March 2, 2020.

Obviously, that all lines up with the idea that Matt’s contract expires on March 1, and he will be gone from WWE after that. After Matt’s character is buried in the video and he wakes up three days later in a daze, his wife slaps him back to reality and tells him to come about.

“You’re right. I am going to go raw until I get my ‘Broken Brilliance’ back,” he says.

While there are some issues with Matt’s contract on a creative level, this video could be telling in numerous directions. Yes, it does seem as if it hints at him leaving WWE in early March, but his final line in the video also makes it seem as if he has a renewed spirit to return to Monday Night Raw. It’s difficult to tell with the Hardy Boyz, but time will be very revealing for both of them.

If Matt Hardy leaves WWE in March, it could lead to a temporary separation with his brother Jeff, whose injury concerns and multiple run-ins with police have led to the company adding time to his contract. That would mean his deal might not expire at the same time as his brother, given how long Jeff has been sidelined.