Reality Steve Shares 'The Bachelor' Spoilers, Squashes Speculation Peter Weber & Hannah Brown End Up Together

Blogger Reality Steve is working hard to pin down firm The Bachelor spoilers for how Peter Weber's season ends. In his latest blog post and podcast, he shared some new information about that final rose ceremony. While he said that he still doesn't have specifics regarding the ceremony and Peter's choice, he did mention he can now eliminate one possibility.

During Monday's premiere, Peter reunited with The Bachelorette Hannah Brown and emotions were running high. Since then, Peter even said that he considered quitting the show after realizing he was still in love with Hannah. Given the mystery surrounding how his season ends, many fans started to speculate that perhaps Peter and Hannah end up together.

Initially, even Reality Steve acknowledged that he couldn't eliminate the possibility. Now, he said he has received additional information specifically about the idea that Hannah is Peter's ultimate choice.

Reality Steve's spoilers indicated that he is glad to have additional details so that he can fill in some missing puzzle pieces and get this off his chest.

The spoiler guru knows that The Bachelor fans have been going crazy speculating that Peter ends up with Hannah when all is said and done this season. He explained that while he knows some people won't believe him, he is confident in saying that this is not how Peter's season ends.

"Hannah Brown has nothing to do with the end of Peter's season. So we can throw out every single theory, every single speculation, every single guess that people have had that somehow Hannah Brown is involved in the end of this thing," Reality Steve revealed.

"I can report to you today that she's not. And look, I understand that many of you want Peter to end up with Hannah Brown. He doesn't... I gotta say you gotta trust me," the blogger continued.

As is almost always the case, Reality Steve didn't go into detail about how he has become so confident in this spoiler for Peter's The Bachelor ending.

Reality Steve never reveals his sources and he told his followers that he can't explain more. However, as with all of his other spoilers, he confidently said that he has been in touch with someone who provided information to him confirming that -- after Episode 2 -- Hannah is entirely out of the picture.

There are still some major unknowns with what happens at the end of Peter's journey to find love. However, Reality Steve now says that none of the mystery is connected to Hannah.

The spoilers also indicate that the intriguing sneak peek from The Bachelor premiere, where Peter was upset and Chris was telling him something, isn't about Hannah, although it's not known yet what it is about. Peter is seemingly able to resolve his feelings for Hannah and continue developing relationships with his new group of bachelorettes.

Does Peter find love with someone and is he with her now? The Bachelor spoilers haven't pinned down an answer on that front yet, but at least now fans can let go of the idea that he ends up with Hannah if they're prepared to accept Reality Steve's new teasers.