Donald Trump's Speech On Iran Attack Blasted By Kyle Kulinski For Being 'Full Of Lies And Insanity'

Following Iran's attack on U.S. installations in Iraq, President Donald Trump addressed the nation and suggested that America does not want to use its military strength on the Western Asia country. Progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski took to Twitter to comment on the speech in real-time and — while he appeared to disagree with much of it — acknowledged it was the "best case scenario" in the current situation of heightened tensions between U.S. and Iran.

"That speech was absolutely full of lies and insanity but no indication of further military conflict so this is best case scenario in an absolutely terrible situation this administration is responsible for getting us in," he tweeted.

Kulinski — who has been critical of Trump's Iran approach — noted the president's assertion that Iran will "never have a nuke" while he is in office and pointed to his decision to pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was intended to prevent such a scenario.

"Pulling out of the Iran deal and assassinating a general obviously makes it much more likely they will get a nuke, for deterrence of US aggression."
The 31-year-old then said that Trump's assertion that Iran has been the "leading sponsor of terrorism" is a "complete lie" and "not remotely true." He continued to pushback against Trump's assertion that recently assassinated Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani was the "world's top terrorist," noting Soleimani's role in defeating ISIS and reports that Soleimani was on a peace mission to deescalate tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, as BBC reported.
Kulinski also noted that there has been no evidence of the "specific attacks" Trump claims Soleimani carried out.
"Repeats nonsense claim that an Iranian general was planning an imminent attack. I have a bridge to sell you if you believe this."
The talk show host later called Trump a "colossal moron" for bragging about killing the head of Islamic State, noting that Soleimani was one of the terrorist militant group's biggest enemies in the region. According to Kulinski, Soleimani's death will make it more likely that the Islamic State will reemerge.

Although Iran's attack is seen by many as retribution, Yashar Ali, a contributor for New York Magazine and HuffPost, suggested that the real revenge is yet to come. He pointed to Iran's history of attacks that don't follow a strict timeline and target the vulnerable and weak, suggesting that it's naive to believe the recent ballistic missile strikes were Iran's plan for revenge against America.