Rihanna’s Restraining Order Granted, Obsessed Fan Must Stay Away

Rihanna Receives Restraining Order

Rihanna’s restraining order against a crazed fan has been granted. The pop singer requested the permanent restraining order after an obsessed man attempted to break into her Los Angeles home last month.

A judge converted Rihanna’s temporary stay-away order into a three year permanent restraining order.

Steveland Barrow was arrested while he broke into the home of Rihanna’s neighbor. At the time of his arrest, police claimed the deranged fan was attempting to break into Rihanna’s home but had the wrong information.

After breaking into the home, Barrow actually laid down and fell asleep in one of the house’s beds. When police arrived, Barrow claimed that Rihanna invited him to the home. The stalker was also charged with attempted theft of items from the home of Rihanna’s neighbor.

Under the terms of Rihanna’s restraining order, her stalker must stay at least 100 yards away from her location.

When filing the restraining order, Rihanna said she feared for her life because of the man’s threatening behavior.

While a restraining order brings with it criminal penalties if violated, it does very little to actually protect a person from likely threats. Lucky for Rihanna, she has the money and resources to travel with a security team.

Rihanna has not released a public statement following the lawsuit, although the permanent restraining order and her filing pretty much speak for themselves.

In the meantime, Rihanna is going about her day as usual, posting about upcoming song releases on Twitter and interacting with her massive audience that includes almost 29 million Twitter followers. As we reported on Tuesday, Rihanna has even announced some “crazy” summer wedding plans with Chris Brown.

In the meantime, here is a video of Rihanna singing in a bathtub:

Would you give up your privacy and possibly your safety to have the type of career Rihanna currently enjoys?

[Image via Adam J. Sablich / Shutterstock.com]