‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 125 Spoilers: Annie Leonhart Returns, Levi Ackerman Is Alive!

The latest chapter of Attack on Titan, which is titled “After Glow,” featured the return of two of the strongest characters in the popular anime — Annie Leonhart and Survey Corps Captain Levi Ackerman. After Eren Yeager deactivated all Titan hardening, Annie was released from her crystal after trapping herself there for four years. In Attack on Titan Chapter 125, Annie was discovered by Hitch Dreyse, who, like her, is a member of the Military Police Brigade.

Annie tried to make Hitch her hostage. She threatened to slit her throat using the small weapon in her finger if she won’t obey her orders. However, with Annie’s body still weakened, Hitch easily overpowered her and slammed her to the ground. Annie once again made a threat by telling Hitch that she would be transforming into the Female Titan.

To show that she’s serious, Annie wounded herself. However, in the past four years, Hitch and the other members of the Survey Corps have become more familiar with the power of the Titans. With her current state, Hitch knew that Annie didn’t have enough energy to turn into a Titan. Still, Hitch ended up agreeing to help Annie to escape and return to her homeland.

During their conversation, Annie revealed that she heard everything Hitch and Armin Arlert said when they were visiting her in the basement. Annie knew all about Hitch’s crushes and the things that were happening at Paradis Island. Also, Annie told Hitch that she also heard Eren’s voice where he said that he would destroy the world. Hitch asked Annie if she’s planning to stop Eren from accomplishing his goal.

Attack on Titan Chapter 125 revealed the main reason why Annie wants to return to her homeland. Annie told Hitch that she intends to go back to Marley not to help them fight Eren but to reunite with the man who adopted and took care of her when her parents abandoned her when she was still a child. Annie told Hitch that she would do everything she could to reach Marley even though there is a possibility that the only thing that is waiting for her there are rubble and dead bodies.

Aside from the return of Annie, Attack on Titan Chapter 125 also confirmed that Levi is still alive. When he was caught by the explosion of the Thunder Spear, everyone thought that Levi was dead. However, the final scenes of Attack on Titan Chapter 125 showed a wounded Levi still breathing, together with Survey Corps Squad Leader Hange Zoe. However, though Levi survived the explosion and managed to escape, he and Hange are still facing a dangerous situation.

While trying to locate their allies, Levi and Hange encountered the group of General Theo Magath, who is riding at the back of the Cart Titan on their way back to Marley. The Cart Titan was prepared to devour Hange, but she tried to convince them that they had no intention to fight. General Magath’s group clearly doesn’t have any time to waste to deal with Hange and Levi, but that could change once they learn their true identities.

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