‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 124 Gives Major Hint About Nearing Return Of Female Titan

The latest chapter of Attack on Titan, which is titled “Melting Away,” featured Eren Yeager commencing with his plan to destroy all their enemies beyond the walls. Using the power of the Founding Titan, Eren unleashed the Wall Titans by dissolving the hardening. However, the final scenes of Attack on Titan revealed that it was not just the Wall Titans that Eren freed, but also Annie Leonhart, the current holder of the power of the Female Titan who is being held deep underground by the Survey Corps.

In the ending of the Attack on Titan Female Titan arc, Annie was unable to fulfill her mission to recover the Founding Titan after losing to Eren and the Survey Corps. However, instead of letting the Survey Corps interrogate her or experiment with her body, Annie crystallized herself and was left in a comatose state. The crystals covering Annie couldn’t be destroyed by normal weapons or even by the other Titans. Based on their knowledge about the Titans, they knew that only Annie could undo her hardening. However, Attack on Titan Chapter 124 revealed that the Founding Titan could control the power of other Titans.

After the hardening was undone by Eren, it took effect not only to the walls surrounding Paradis Island but also to the Armored Titan and the Female Titan. As mentioned by Gabi Braun, the Armored Titan’s hardening dissolved at the same time the wall crumbles. When he heard about Reiner Braun’s current state, Annie immediately came to Armin Arlert’s mind.

Armin believes that if it happened to Reiner, the crystals covering Annie might be also destroyed already. Attack on Titan Chapter 124 confirmed that Armin was right. After years of being in a comatose state, Annie will soon return to action together with the Female Titan.

When she failed to accomplish her mission, Annie only had one thing in mind which was to reunite with her father. As an Eldian, Annie must have knowledge about Eren’s plan to eliminate all their enemies beyond the walls. Before targeting other countries, Eren will likely focus first on Marley where Annie’s father is currently in. With her love for her father, Annie will surely do everything she can to prevent Eren from executing his plan.

However, as of now, it remains a big question mark if the Female Titan alone would be enough to stop Eren and his armies of Wall Titans. Also, upon realizing the situation, there is a strong possibility that Armin and Mikasa Ackerman will immediately head to Annie’s location to check her current state.

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