‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 123 Reveals Eren’s Plan To Exterminate All People Outside The Wall

Attack on Titan manga will soon reach its end as Eren Yeager finally activated the power of the Founding Titan with the help of Ymir Fritz. Eren awakened the Colossal Titans, who were hardened to form the three walls of the Paradis Island, and he’s already preparing to engage in an all-out war against their enemies. Eren doesn’t seem to be contented with just destroying their enemies at Marley. In the latest chapter of Attack on Titan, Eren revealed his objective to all the Subjects of Ymir.

“My objective is to protect the people of Paradis, the place where I was born and raised,” Eren said. “However, the world wishes for the annihilation of the people of Paradis. The hatred that has been swelling up for so long will certainly not end until not just the Paradisians, but all of Ymir’s Subject have been eliminated. I reject this wish. The Wall Titans shall trample all Earth outside of this island underfoot until all life existing there has been exterminated from this world.”

Attack on Titan Chapter 123 featured a flashback of the Survey Corps when they headed to Marley for the first time. The group consisted of Eren, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi Ackerman, Hange Zoe, Connie Springer, Jean Kirstein, and Sasha Blaus. The members of the Survey Corps were amazed by the things they saw in Marley, including the buildings, transportations, and the foods.

The group was welcomed by the representative of the Azumabito Clan. He escorted the Survey Corps to their leader, and upon their arrival at the mansion, they immediately started the meeting. They went to Marley with the hope of making peace with the people outside the walls. Unfortunately, though one of the officials proposed the idea of taking the refugees, they still considered the people of Paradis Island as devils. After the meeting was concluded, Eren left and told the Survey Corps that he would follow Zeke Yeager’s plan.

After the flashback, Attack on Titan Chapter 123 showed Armin and Mikasa talking about Eren and his plans. Armin told Mikasa that Eren is still their ally. However, Armin became worried about Eren’s intention after noticing that he awakened all the Colossal Titans from the three walls of Paradis Island. Armin believes that the Colossal Titans from one wall would be enough to take down all their enemies at Marley. However, with Eren unleashing all the hidden Titans, Armin arrived with the idea that Eren was not just planning to destroy Marley, but also the other nations who wanted to get rid of the Subjects of Ymir.

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