WWE News: CM Punk Throws Shade At SmackDown Star In Profanity-Laced Tweet

CM Punk may not have appeared on this week's edition of Fox Sports 1's WWE Backstage as he does on occasion, but the former WWE Champion wasn't holding back early on Wednesday morning when he insulted SmackDown superstar The Miz in a Twitter post that has since been deleted.

As documented by Wrestling Inc., Punk's tweet was apparently in response to some comments The Miz made when he showed up Tuesday night on the latest WWE Backstage. While the 39-year-old wrestler's guest appearance alongside panelists Renee Young, Paige, Christian, and Booker T seemingly went smoothly, it was revealed on the WWE on Fox Twitter account that the "A-Lister" kept talking to the camera once his spot was over, bragging to Young that the new episode was the best in the show's short history.

After a brief exchange with Young and Paige regarding which Backstage episode was the best, Miz seemed to begrudgingly acknowledge that the November 12 edition -- which featured Punk's surprise revelation as an occasional guest panelist toward the end -- may have been better than the new one. He also referenced one of the retired wrestler's memorable quotes from that show, where he talked about changing the show's culture through his appearances.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't 'change the culture,' My bad. My bad."
Not long after Backstage went off the air, Punk took to Twitter to blast Miz for the aforementioned comments, though he ultimately deleted the post at some time between 2 a.m. and 2:32 a.m. EST, per Wrestling Inc.
"Go suck a blood money covered d*ck in Saudi Arabia you f*cking dork."
It also seems that WWE on Fox pulled the post featuring Miz's assessment of his Backstage appearance.

While it's not clear why Punk was referencing Saudi Arabia in relation to The Miz, he was likely talking about WWE's lucrative 10-year deal with the country's officials to run yearly pay-per-views, including the last two editions of Crown Jewel. This arrangement was particularly controversial, especially in the last few months of 2018, due of allegations that the Saudi government played a role in the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October of that year.

As of this writing, The Miz has yet to respond to Punk's tweet, and it isn't clear either whether the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter was speaking in character or airing a legitimate beef with the Friday Night SmackDown mainstay. But as Sportskeeda cautioned, Punk's constant criticism of WWE and its wrestlers makes it "interesting" to think of how the promotion and its officials may feel about his frequently charged comments.