Lola Consuelos Sings ‘Tyler Durden’ With A Swagger On A Gray Screen: Mom Kelly Ripa Approves

Kelly Ripa and Lola Consuelos take part in CNN Heroes 2017
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Lola Consuelos was given a rave review from her mom, Kelly Ripa. This came about on social media after the New York University student posted an off-camera video of her voice recording “Tyler Durden,” a cover from YouTube singer Madison Beer, from the 1999 Brad Pitt movie, Fight Club. Kelly not only said she loved her daughter’s voice, but she also symbolically called her 18-year-old kid a winner via a string of gold star emoji to accompany her social media comment.

For the song, Lola elected for a rendition that contained quite a bit of confidence that some would call swagger. Even though the warbler is not yet ready to show up on screen to prove her musical prowess, she has been brave enough to show up on Instagram to croon with a guitar accompaniment in the post.

The first time Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa’s teen daughter took a chance to perform on the social media network was this past December when she performed a cover of Labrinth’s hit, “Jealous.”

Back then, not long after she changed her official Instagram page from private to public, Lola also opted out of singing on camera. Instead, she included a couple of videos, but all that viewers could see of the young talent was her brown hair and a bit of her shoulder.

On Friday, Lola was even shyer than she had been last month when she crooned to a very welcoming audience. However, she did tackle a difficult tune with out-there lyrics that were about “Tyler Durden and the unnamed narrator who suffers from insomnia [and] forms an underground fighting club,” according to Genius.

“With my fingers in your mouth/And I like it/And with your hand around my throat/I don’t wanna see you go/’Cause I like it.”

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I’m not 5 ????????

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The post showcasing her singing skill had only been live on Lola’s official Instagram platform for less than an hour when Kelly and Mark’s daughter enthralled her 194,300 followers. Within that short time, her musical update earned over 7,300 likes and more than 200 comments.

Some of Lola’s loyal followers commented on the post to let her know how sweet she sounded, while many others used emoji to tell this member of the Consuelos crew how talented she is.

“Beautiful!!!! Your voice is amazing… just need/want to see that beautiful face too!!!” urged one Instagram user.

“The next American Idol,” stated a second fan.

“Oh my god girl!!! I have goosebumps all over! Such a beautiful voice,” remarked a third follower.

“Sweet angel.voice,” said a fourth admirer, who added a kissy-face, a microphone, and clapping hands emoji.