At Long Last, Little Caesars Will Finally Offer Delivery Service, Thanks To DoorDash

In today's day and age, people want food of all types delivered to their homes, and one would think that pizza is the easiest to get. Unfortunately, the third-largest pizza chain in the country has never offered delivery in its more than 60 years of existence, but that is about to change. Little Caesars Pizza has partnered with DoorDash and will now allow customers to have their Crazy Bread -- and more -- brought to their doorstep.

Beginning on Monday, January 6, Little Caesars Enterprises Inc. and DoorDash Inc. will commence their partnership. Delivery services will be offered to the majority of the 5,000 pizza locations in the United States and Canada, as reported by ABC 7.

The full menu for Little Caesars will be available for delivery, and the prices are going to stay exactly the same as they are for pick-up orders. Also, Little Caesars is not going to require a minimum purchase amount to qualify for deals, nor will they apply discounts for carry-out orders only.

Domino's recently reported that their sales had fallen short over the course of the last four quarters, presumably due to increasing competition. Domino's is the biggest pizza chain in the world and has its own delivery drivers, but there are plenty of competing companies out there who are looking to take the top spot.

Although Little Caesars occasionally offered delivery through the PostMates app, the options available through PostMates -- or UberEats and other services -- were never chain-wide. Those were made through arrangements with some of the different franchises, but such arrangements will no longer exist due to the deal made with DoorDash.

For those looking for proof that Little Caesars isn't cutting corners on their deliveries, they can log onto DoorDash and see that the full menu is there. It may have taken more than six decades for it to happen, but the "Pizza Pizza" can now be brought right to your home. Unfortunately, there is no longer the option to get those two big pizzas side-by-side that had to sit in your backseat for the ride home, but progression is progression.

The world of delivery is ever-expanding, as people can get McDonald's, Chili's, Outback Steakhouse, and other restaurant options brought to their door nowadays. Little Caesars has always been slightly behind the times with their lack of a delivery service, but if customers want Crazy Bread or an Extra Most Bestest without leaving their home, they can now get it with the push of a button.