Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere Tease Tears, Interruptions, And Jealousy As Peter Weber Meets His Ladies

Craig SjodinABC

It is finally time for Peter Weber’s journey to find love to premiere on ABC. The Bachelor spoilers for this debut episode tease that it’s going to be a jam-packed three hours of action with little filler, and fans will be buzzing over what’s slated to go down.

While it’s not unusual to have a three-hour premiere for The Bachelor, spoilers tease that this one is definitely unusual. There is no red carpet or live audience portion. Instead, viewers will get a wild preview for the season, an intense initial night, and even the first dates of the season.

In addition to the jaw-dropping flash-forward preview for Peter’s final rose ceremony and some stunning appearances by Bachelorette Hannah Brown, there is an otherwise fairly typical night of limousine arrivals and introductions ahead.

Spoiler king Reality Steve managed to see The Bachelor premiere ahead of Monday’s airing on ABC. He broke down all the developments from start to finish and viewers will not want to miss any of what’s ahead.

Fans will probably not be surprised to hear that there are numerous windmill references and several flight attendant contestants coming during these introductions. The Bachelor spoilers note that there are several rather risque quips shared by various bachelorettes and one lady even walks up to greet Peter with a cow.

Once the cocktail party starts, one bachelorette named Alayah will give Peter a letter her grandmother wrote to him. In addition, contestant Hannah Ann Sluss will give Peter a picture that her dad painted for him that shows the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee where she’s from.

Reality Steve’s spoilers note that Hannah Ann and Peter will have a make-out session, seemingly his first of his season. Peter will continue to make the rounds to have one-on-one time with other ladies, but it seems that Hannah Ann will interrupt these chats at three different points of the evening.

Not only does Hannah Ann assertively grab more time with Peter, but she also gets a couple of additional makeout sessions. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that she also gets the first impression rose.

Peter will reconnect with contestant Kelley Flanagan, whom he had met briefly a few weeks prior to filming, and viewers will see contestant Victoria Fuller end up flustered and crying. It seems that Victoria will be one of the ladies who goes with a risque introduction, but she cries later when she realizes that it didn’t make that much of an impression on Peter.

During the first rose ceremony, The Bachelor spoilers share that eight women will be eliminated, including all three flight attendants. Then, rather than holding the first dates until Episode 2, viewers will see Peter jump right into these initial outings.

The first group date involves nine women and a “Flight School” theme, and Reality Steve says that Kelley gets the group date rose. That rose, however, comes with some drama as a fellow contestant says that Kelley cheated during a competition to finish first and get the rose.

The first one-on-one of the season goes to Madison Prewett, and she gets to meet Peter’s family. The Webers are doing a vow renewal and later on during the date, Peter and Madi get a private concert by Tenille Arts. Madi gets the rose.

Toward the end of Monday’s premiere, viewers will see Peter’s second group date begin. This one also includes nine women, but Hannah is also there to host the date. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Sydney Hightower will get the group date rose and part of the date will carry over into Episode 2.

What everybody will be talking about in regard to this date isn’t what happens between Peter and these new contestants though. Rather, it’s his one-on-one conversation with Hannah that will generate a lot of buzz.

Monday’s premiere will end with this conversation between Hannah and Peter, and The Bachelor spoilers share that viewers will have to wait until Episode 2 on January 13 to see how it ends. There are said to be lots of surprises on the way and fans cannot wait to see how things play out.