Get To Know ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Madison Prewett Of Peter Weber’s Season

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Peter Weber is looking for love as The Bachelor this winter, and spoilers tease that contestant Madison Prewett will catch his attention. Viewers will see Madi during Monday night’s premiere, and it sounds as if she might be around for some time. Could she possibly end up with Peter’s final rose?

According to her ABC profile, Madi is a 23-year-old foster parent recruiter from Auburn, Alabama. She shared that she loves working with foster children, and she hopes to one day open an orphanage.

Madi’s faith is very important to her, and the buzz is that it will be revealed during Peter’s season that she is a virgin. In her profile, this Bachelor contestant said that if she were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one book, her pick would be the Bible.

This Bachelor contestant was a prominent basketball player throughout school, and she gives her father a lot of credit for her success. As it happens, Madi’s dad Chad Prewett is on the coaching team of the Auburn University Tigers and has been for several years. Madi helped lead her high school basketball team to four state championships, and she was once named an Alabama MVP.

Madi says she knows she is ready to find her future husband, and she feels that he needs to be someone who prioritizes both family and faith. Her future husband must want kids someday. However, she also wants someone who knows how to have fun and loves to travel.

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Be Fearless- A phrase that is said often but rarely lived out. Especially when life doesn’t quite turn out like you expected it to or your prayers seem to be put on hold or the miracle you are desperately asking God for seems to be given generously to those around you while you wait hoping and praying yours will come. But maybe God is developing something inside of you that is greater than the need your asking of Him. Sometimes what God doesn’t give you and what God won’t allow is just as important as what he does allow and what he has given you. He who called you is faithful. His strength in you is greater than any pain you feel. Don’t stay stuck in what was or worry about what will be. Don’t be nervous about what’s next, trust the One who is in complete control- the One who already knows how he’s going to work it according to His purpose. Be fearless on the hard days. Be fearless in the unknown. Be fearless when your expectations aren’t met. Be fearless not because of what’s happening around you, but because of who lives inside of you. Your potential is unlimited because the limitless God lives inside of you.

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One fun tidbit about Madi is that she appeared on The Price Is Right in 2018 and managed to win $8,000. According to, Madi and her mom had decided on a whim to get tickets for the show while they were on a vacation in California in 2018. After winning her big prize, she said she was planning on saving the money and would pray over how to best utilize it.

Blogger Reality Steve notes that Madi graduated from Auburn University in 2018 and earned a degree in communications. Her Instagram page is filled with plenty of family photos, and it is clear that she is quite close with her parents, Chad and Tonya, along with her sisters Mallory and Mary.

Madi happens to have some experience in the world of beauty pageants, having competed in the Miss Alabama USA pageant. This has become something of a trend with the show in recent seasons, and she reportedly isn’t the only beauty pageant gal who captures Peter’s attention.

The Bachelor spoilers hint that Peter will definitely hit it off with Madi, but could she end up being the last woman standing? The buzz is that there are some surprises in store for viewers as Peter looks for love, but that Madi may well be one to keep an eye on throughout the season.