Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Finn Learns About Nik And Goes Looking For Answers From Jax

Craig SjodinABC Press

Hayden Barnes has been gone for a week now, and this week on General Hospital, Finn is expected to learn a few more details about her shocking departure from Port Charles.

She left her daughter, Violet, with Finn and that has him worried for her safety. Hayden never explained exactly why she left town, but she did say that it was the best for her daughter. Now that Nik’s presence has been exposed, Finn will be asking some questions on why the mother of his child left so abruptly.

According to Soap Central, Finn will be curious when he learns that Nikolas Cassadine is alive and back in Port Charles. Something may trigger him thinking that Hayden could be involved in this ordeal, which of course, General Hospital fans know that she was indeed helping to keep that a secret. Finn will also be looking to Jax for answers since he and Hayden were supposed to be in a business deal together. Nik was the deal, and Finn may just put two and two together this week.

Violet is missing her mom, and Finn isn’t sure how to ease his child’s anxieties with Hayden gone so long. Will Jax tell him exactly what went down? Viewers know that she left because Nikolas scared her into thinking that Valentin was after her and that she wasn’t safe staying in town. It was actually Nik who sent that goon to fake her attack on the docks. Now she is in hiding, but Finn may just go looking for her now that Valentin knows Nik is alive.

Even if he will be thinking about doing a search for Hayden, it sounds like he will get sidetracked by the situation with his current love, Anna Devane. General Hospital spoilers tease that he and Robert Scorpio will be working together to help Anna through the Peter crisis. Robert knows that Anna’s son is a bad guy, and Finn is starting to feel that way as well. Will he find time to try to bring Hayden back home for their daughter?

Fans were not too happy that actress Rebecca Budig was gone so soon after returning to her role as Hayden Barnes last summer. They are hoping that the ABC soap will bring her back promptly now that Nik’s secret is out. However, it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon. Budig did recently say that she was more than willing to make a return anytime. She admitted that she would love to come back just to work with Michael Easton and Jophielle Love again. Fans are hoping that it will happen sooner rather than later.