Donald Trump Jr. Shares Picture Of AR-15 Magazine With Image Of Hillary Clinton Behind Bars On It

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a campaign rally.
Darren Hauck / Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram this weekend to show off a new accessory on his AR-15 rifle — a magazine with an image of an imprisoned Hillary Clinton on it.

The eldest son of President Donald Trump smiled as he posed with the rifle, holding it up so the image of Clinton’s face could be seen. He then included a series of close-up shots of the magazine, showing a cartoon image of the former secretary of state gripping prison bars as she peered out.

The picture was a hit with Trump Jr.’s Instagram followers, garnering thousands of likes and plenty of supportive comments. But it also drew some criticism online, with some calling it inappropriate for him to imagine imprisoning his father’s onetime political opponent, and especially to do so on the magazine of a rifle.

The image seemed to follow President Trump’s previous claims that he would lock up Hillary if he were elected president, a promise he quickly backed away from after being sworn in as president. Though President Trump has frequently returned to lob criticisms at Clinton or remind her of her loss in 2016, he did not follow through on the promise to appoint a special prosecutor and throw her in prison.

Trump Jr.’s Instagram shot at Clinton came just one day after her criticisms of President Trump were revived following his attack against Iran that left one of the country’s top generals dead. As The Inquisitr noted, many critics of Trump recalled that Hillary predicted he would start a war simply because “somebody got under his very thin skin.” Clinton had made the criticism on the campaign trail back in 2016, but some believe that the words were prescient as Trump went to war with Iran on what was reported to be “razor-thin” evidence that the country may have been planning an attack against the United States.

The Instagram post from Donald Trump Jr. could be something of a political statement. President Trump’s son has become one of his most important political surrogates, frequently hitting the campaign trail and launching attacks against President Trump’s perceived enemies. A new poll from Axios and Survey Monkey found that both Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump were among the top picks for Republicans to run for president in 2024.

While there had been speculation that Trump Jr. could run for office, he has shied away from political races and remained focused on helping his father’s political fortunes.