NASCAR to change Cup car wing back to spoiler

Many hard core racing fans and hard core NASCAR fans have begun to tune out NASCAR as a sport. They stay at home there is a bad economy and they don’t have the money to attend the races anymore. They don’t watch on TV because the races are just too damn long, and they have found other ways to pass away their lazy Sunday afternoon’s. In response to this NASCAR has decided to take the wing of off the back of the Cup series race car, and return to a more traditional spoiler. They feel this will fix the ills of NASCAR; to be frank they could not be more wrong.

The guys, who actually run NASCAR, appear to be just as stupid as the clown who run the National Hockey game. They think these twists and gimmicks are what the fans wan to see, but NASCAR and hockey fans want to see more off the same thing, and that is fighting, yelling and arguing, in a word PASSION!! While the fans of both of these sports wait to a return to nastier version of their sport, the morons in charge completely ignore them.

Think about it NASCAR came to national prominence in 1979 following a fight at the Daytona 500. For all the hard core race fans out there think about your favorite moments in NASCAR history and I will bet just about all of them involve some sort of fight or disagreement between driers. It is what makes NASCAR great, but the idiots in charge continuously levy fines and punishment to take away the things that the fans want.

Sure going from the wing back to a spoiler, will decrease the amount of down force the race car gets. It will make the car slip and slide a little more while going around the track, but if NASCAR thinks that is the problem they are way off. A lot of fans often citizen Kyle Busch for declining post wreck interviews, but he is actually the smart one, if he got on TV and gave the fans what they wanted he would get fined or suspended or, both. NASCAR has legislated that passion out of the sports, and that is why the crowds have left.