Taking One Selfie A Day Helped One Woman Lose 124 Pounds And Take Back Her Life

When 34-year-old Justine McCabe used to look in the mirror, she was far from happy about what she saw. She was a single mom and weighed 313 pounds. She had gained the weight to cope with grief and then managed to lose it with hard work and one special trick. She took one selfie of herself a day which held her accountable and allowed her to document her weight loss journey, according to Today.

After losing both her husband and her mother, McCabe used food to cope. Those close to her encouraged her to hit the gym and prioritize her health which she eventually did with hesitancy. During her very first gym day, she took a selfie and realized that she found it hard to face the person in the photo. More than just being overweight, she could tell she didn’t look happy.

“I didn’t like what I saw. I feel like I look so broken and lost and sad and that’s the reason why I started taking a picture a day. I wanted to see myself change, see if my expression would change,” she explained.


McCabe began a regular workout regimen and started shedding pounds. Each day, she posted a photo of her progress to her Instagram page. Unfortunately, while she found success through rigorous exercise, she realized that she was neglecting her overall health. Because she had not allowed her body adequate time to recover after intense activity, it was beginning to take a toll on her.

Upon visiting a doctor, she learned that she had torn her meniscus and ACL and would need surgery. After that, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Now, McCabe prioritizes balance when it comes to diet and exercise. She listens to her body when it tells her she needs rest and eats when it tells her she needs to eat. She’s also not opposed to indulging in a treat every once in a while.

“I definitely try to stick more towards the intuitive eating. Listening to your body truly is the best way to maintain your loss because your body’s going to tell you what it needs,” she explained.

McCabe managed to lose 124 pounds and become a much healthier individual. She continues to share her fitness journey on her Instagram page. She is not the only one to have found social media a useful tool in ensuring accountability when it comes to weight loss. As The Inquisitr previously reported, a woman from Canada named Mina Viscardi-Johnson lost 176 pounds while documenting every step of the way online.