Wendy Williams Enjoys A Dinner Date With DJ Boof, Says He Likes To Watch Her Eat

Wendy Williams appears to already be living it up in 2020. The talk show host recently shared an Instagram photo of herself at a Manhattan restaurant on Thursday, appearing to enjoy a cozy-looking dinner date with DJ Boof, the DJ for The Wendy Williams Show. While she didn’t include a photo of her friend, she did tag him in a photo of herself appearing to really enjoy herself while snacking on some tasty looking cuisine, according to Hollywood Life.

It’s not clear whether or not Williams is actually dating DJ Boof, but she wasn’t afraid to leave a flirty caption attached to the share, one that allowed fan imaginations to run wild.

“Guess who took me for dinner because he likes to watch me eat?!” she wrote.

Fans quickly filled the comments section, telling Williams that she and DJ Boof would make a great couple.

“Awwwe boof! You two would make a great couple!” one fan excitedly wrote.

“When are you and @djboof making it official?” asked another user.

DJ Boof is quite a bit younger than the 55-year-old Williams at only 34, but if there really is no age limit to love, perhaps he will become more than just a member of her staff in the future. After all, Williams is kicking off 2020 as an almost officially single woman. While she had hoped her divorce from Kevin Hunter would be official by now, the process has been taking a bit longer than she had expected.

The star is unsurprisingly ecstatic to leave 2019 in the past and get off to a fresh start in the new year. This past year was indeed a rollercoaster for Williams, who faced health issues and a very public divorce. The star filed for divorce from Hunter in April after he was allegedly unfaithful to her and reportedly welcomed a baby girl with his mistress. Wendy and Kevin were married for over two decades and share one son together, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Prior to her show going on hiatus for the holidays, Williams thanked her fans for standing by her through the turbulence she experienced in the past year, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“I love you all, you are the voice inside my head. I love my people, I love this show. And, if you don’t like that I talk about my personal life or whatever, then change the channel. — I don’t care. It’s been a year from hell and now I’m back!”

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