Spoilers For Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Premiere Reveal Juicy Flash-Forwards That Will Have Viewers Buzzing

John FleenorABC

Monday night’s premiere of The Bachelor featuring Peter Weber will get off to an intense, perplexing start, according to blogger Reality Steve. The spoiler king has managed to see the season premiere ahead of the public and he teases that the first five minutes include some bombshell moments that will have viewers buzzing.

Reality Steve did an Instagram live on Saturday morning to break down The Bachelor spoilers from Monday’s premiere. He says that this episode will be an intense one and it will prompt a lot of questions he can’t answer yet. In fact, despite the blogger’s long history of spoiling the show and finding it difficult to be surprised anymore, even he says he’s rather intrigued by what’s to come.

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Monday’s premiere opens with a scene from Peter’s final rose ceremony. Peter and host Chris Harrison are standing at the spot for this big moment, and Chris will tell Peter that there is something he needs to know.

Of course, the clip won’t reveal what it is that Chris feels is important enough to disrupt filming to tell Peter right at this moment. However, The Bachelor spoilers tease that Chris will say this is something they just learned and that they aren’t sure how this all ends.

Chris will explain that production has decided that Peter needs to be aware of this new information before he does whatever he plans to do next. The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve also share that as this plays out, Peter will be flustered and mutter that he feels like he’s going to pass out.

This will apparently lead to Peter taking some time back in his hotel room, as he wears the suit for his final rose ceremony. Production will be around him as he lies on the bed and says that whatever he just learned is the last thing he needed to hear right at that moment.

The first few minutes of Monday’s premiere will also show a scene involving Peter’s mother that happens at some point late in the season. Reality Steve’s spoilers noted that Peter’s scar can be seen as he’s talking to his mom, which means that this was filmed after the dates in Costa Rica, probably during the last few days of filming in Australia.

Peter’s mom will speak in a shaking voice as she pleads with her son.

“Don’t let her go. Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us,” she tells Peter.

Who is Peter’s mom talking about and why are things so emotional and seemingly uncertain at this point? Even Reality Steve doesn’t know the context here yet. Apparently, there’s also a moment of Peter talking from later this season that will generate some additional buzz.

“When I love someone, I don’t care how hard it looks. I will never surrender, love conquers all,” Peter will say as the preview of the season concludes in the early moments of Monday’s The Bachelor premiere.

Just what goes down at this stage, and does it change Peter’s decision about what he does at the final rose ceremony? Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that there are major unknowns about what happens, and Peter himself insists that nobody will be able to spoil his season’s ending.

Speculation is swirling that perhaps Peter reunites with The Bachelorette Hannah Brown over choosing anyone from his season. In his Instagram live video, Reality Steve acknowledges that Monday’s premiere is certainly designed to suggest the possibility.

The Bachelor spoilers hint that Peter’s season is going to be an intensely crazy one, and fans cannot wait to get started with Monday’s mysterious premiere.