Michael Bloomberg Moves Up To Third Place To Tie With Elizabeth Warren In New Poll

Michael Bloomberg has shot up in the polls to pass former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and tie for third place with Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primary. According to The Hill, the former Republican New York mayor rose from 5 percent to 11 percent support among voters.

Joe Biden leads the pack at a comfortable margin. The former vice president currently has 28 percent support. In second place is Bernie Sanders with 16 percent of support among voters. While these numbers reflect the trend that has continued for several months, Bloomberg's rise is a bit of a surprise given that he was a late entry into the race and hasn't participated in any of the debates yet.

As The Hill notes, Bloomberg has been trying a different tactic than most candidates use.

"Bloomberg has chosen an unorthodox campaign strategy, making the decision not to raise money and instead deciding to fund his own campaign. This has disqualified him from taking the debate stage under rules from the Democratic National Convention," it noted.

Bloomberg has spent millions of dollars to advertise in 90 local markets across the U.S. He capped his launch with a $31.5 million media blitz that reached across the country.

While the wealthy candidate has been able to avoid fundraising, his money has made him a target among other candidates.

"I don't believe that elections ought to be for sale," Warren said. "And I don't think as a Democratic Party that we should say that the only way you're going to get elected, the only way you're going to be our nominee, is either if you are a billionaire or if you're sucking up to billionaires."

For her part, Warren has been slipping in the polls and has lagged in fundraising recently. In October, Warren looked poised to challenge Biden for first place, but she has slipped back to tie with Bloomberg for third place.

Most recently, Warren announced that she has raised $21.2 million, while Biden has raised $22.7 million and Sanders has raised $34.5 million.

According to the most recent polls, Donald Trump leads all of the 2020 Democratic candidates. He is beating Biden by 1 percent, with 46 percent of those polled supporting him to Biden's 45 percent. Sanders falls behind Trump 47 percent to 45 percent. Warren lags at 47 to 43 percent, and former fourth place holder Buttigieg gets 41 to Trump's 45 percent.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump leads among swing voters, a demographic that candidates are intensely focused on.