Lindsay’s Lesbian Rumors Continue

New photos of Lindsay Lohan and “friend” Samantha Ronson revealed at the end of the week are raising some eyebrows about their relationship.

While Lilo’s mom Dina went on the record proclaiming that daughter Lindsay is not a lesbian (as if she’s privy to all of Lindsay’s intimate details), shots taken at a Cannes yacht party in France have me wondering along with everyone else. Are they rekindling the flames after their friendship went through a rocky patch at the beginning of the year, or they really have taken things to the next level?

Even Lindsay’s rep wasn’t completely mum, responding to questions about Linds’ and The Ronson’s relationship with a cryptic “How nice.” Would that be sarcasm? The mind reels.

One thing’s true: hickeys don’t lie. Samantha’s getting something, somewhere, and Lindsay’s looking more and more like the culprit.

Image: Jun Sato/