‘One Piece’ Chapter 968 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

One Piece features the Straw Hat Pirates crew.
tofoli.douglas / Flickr/ Public Domain

The latest chapters of One Piece manga mainly focused on Lord Kozuki Oden and his adventures with Pirate King Gol D. Roger and the Roger Pirates. Chapter 968 showed Roger’s group reaching the final island they named “Laugh Tale” and finding the world’s greatest treasure, One Piece. As of now, most fans are eager to know what will happen next after the Roger Pirates accomplished their main goal.

Unfortunately for fans, they would need to wait a little longer to see Chapter 968. According to Otakukart, the upcoming chapter of One Piece won’t be available anytime soon because of the holidays. The outlet revealed that One Piece Chapter 968 will be officially released on January 19, while scans are expected to be available as early as January 15.

“The next chapter of One Piece won’t be out anytime soon, unfortunately. This likely because of the ongoing holidays. In fact, chapter 967 of One Piece is yet to drop officially. The official release date for One Piece Chapter 967 is January 5, and the release date for One Piece Chapter 968 is January 19, 2020. The scans for One Piece Chapter 968 will, however, likely drop early, by January 15, 2020. We’re very excited about the next chapter of the series.”

With a few weeks left before the official release, Otakukart made their own predictions for the next chapter of One Piece. After completing their journey around the world, the publication predicted that the Roger Pirates will disband in Chapter 968. Most fans definitely knew that such a thing is bound to happen since Roger’s health continues to deteriorate as days go by.

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— Toei Animation (@ToeiAnimation) January 2, 2020

While Roger was sent to Impel Down to wait for his execution, the other members of the Roger Pirates headed into different directions with their two apprentices — Buggy and Shanks — deciding to form their own crew. The new chapter is also expected to reveal why Roger voluntarily handed himself to the World Government.

Before the Roger Pirates disbanded and their captain was imprisoned, Otakukart predicted Roger and Whitebeard Pirates captain Edward Newgate will meet for the last time. Roger and Whitebeard may be rivals and almost killed each other numerous times, but they were also very good friends. In the earlier chapters of One Piece, the two men were shown drinking sake while the former was telling stories about their journey to “Laugh Tale.” Roger may have also decided to meet Whitebeard to personally thank him for allowing him to take Oden and make him a temporary member of his group.