'Bachelor' Peter Weber Admits He 'May Have Questioned' Whether He Was Over Hannah Brown When She Showed Up

ABC has made no secret of the fact that The Bachelor Peter Weber will face his recent love, The Bachelorette Hannah Brown, twice early on in his season. Fans will get to see it all play out during the premiere airing on Monday, and Peter now admits that her presence did prompt some doubts for him.

Peter has previously said that he was completely surprised to see Hannah show up on his initial night of filming. In a new interview with Extra, he says that he had not asked production to bring her into the filming process, reiterating that her arrival was a shock to him.

The Bachelor star notes that heading into filming his season, he felt confident that he was over Hannah and ready to move forward. He says that while his relationship with her during her run as The Bachelorette was real, he wouldn't have accepted this new gig if he didn't feel as if he had put that romance behind him.

However, it sounds as if seeing her step out of the limousine that first night of filming stirred up some feelings he did not anticipate.

Peter explains that as Hannah stepped out of the limousine, he initially thought it was a beautiful girl and he did not realize right away that it was Hannah. Of course, he did realize a second later -- and he says that it was a jaw-dropping moment for him.

The Bachelor went on to explain that what everybody sees Monday night as this plays out is real and raw. Peter says that he and Hannah really cared for one another during The Bachelorette and what is coming up was completely from the heart.

Peter says that in his mind, he was over Hannah before she showed up that night. However, he soon started to have some doubts.

"After I saw her that first night, I may have questioned whether I was completely over her," Peter admitted.

The previews for the upcoming encounters between Hannah and Peter suggest that the chemistry between the two is still quite intense. The previews were edited in such a way to suggest that Hannah admits she wants to fight for Peter and that he considers asking her to join his season.

Ultimately, The Bachelor spoilers have suggested that that does not happen. However, the ending of Peter's season is something of a mystery right now. He's teased that it's going to stay that way, prompting plenty of speculation and theories among the show's fans.

Just what does happen when Hannah and Peter reunite during The Bachelor premiere? Fans will not have to wait too much longer to find out. Spoilers suggest that the season ahead is going to be a crazy one.