Selena Gomez Uploaded Tons Of Never-Before-Seen Photos From 2019 To Instagram

Selena Gomez started off 2020 with a retrospective of the events of her life in 2019 — and she brought her fans along for the ride. On January 2, she uploaded a lengthy slideshow on her Instagram stories that detailed all that she did this past year.

As fans of the singer and actress know, she ended 2018 by taking a hiatus from social media and didn’t come back until a few weeks into January of 2019. While she has been occasionally posting on social media, it seems like the star was holding back in her uploads, limiting what she put out for her fans to consume and comment on.

Now that seems to have changed. Although posting all of the photos to her story does protect her against any negative feedback — something she has spoken out against in the past, as reported by Glamour — she has given her fans a bigger glimpse at her life over the past year. It seems like the singer accomplished a lot.

The uploads to her story were made in chronological order and were dated so her fans could follow along. While many of her posts were photos, there were a quite a few videos sprinkled throughout as well. The slideshow contained images and footage that ranged from super casual nights in with her friends to more glam moments.

Fans who look through the entirety of the story will most likely notice that Selena attended a few special events. In fact, the slideshow starts out with her attending the wedding celebration of her “bff.” Further on, Selena is seen at her cousin’s wedding. There are also numerous photos of her celebrating birthdays — including her own — and going out to celebrate her friends’ successes.

The pictures weren’t all about the fun though; there are a few that showcased Selena at work. One in particular captured what looked to be a post-dance rehearsal moment, where the performer had been working hard getting ready for a live performance. There were also a few pics of her recording songs or writing in the studio. She shared one where she celebrated her two new singles’ chart successes as well.

She also included some heretofore unseen photos of the international trips she took this year, with some shots of her in London and Paris. The one she posted about her trip to Kenya came with a caption that talked about how going to the country changed her life.

Selena concluded the lengthy slideshow with an image of her standing amongst her new album. She wrote that it was coming out in nine days and that she was so excited to be putting out a whole new collection of music after four years.

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