Navy Pilot Who Filmed A Possible UFO Says ‘It Wasn’t Behaving By The Normal Laws Of Physics’

The Navy pilot who filmed a possible UFO is speaking out about the event, emphasizing that what he saw seemed to defy the natural laws of physics. Though the incident happened 15 years ago, Chad Underwood still recalls the sighting as if it were yesterday. At the time, the video of the aircraft caused national headlines, and the erratic, alleged UFO was give the name the “Tic Tac,” which Underwood coined, according to the New York Magazine.

Underwood reportedly declined to speak out previously due to the fear that his name would be associated with tinfoil hat theories about aliens. However, he has decided to shed light on his experience, especially since the object remains a mystery.

The incident happened on November 10, 2004, when a radar operator reported a number of odd and slow-moving objects off San Clemente Island, close to San Diego. There were between five and ten of them in total. The objects were at an altitude too high to be birds and were moving at a pace that made them too slow to be aircraft. Moreover, they did not seem to be on a flight path. Instead, they were moving erratically.

In a military report, Day would later describe the objects as having “exhibited ballistic-missile characteristics.”

Scientists and military researchers took spent weeks trying to figure out what could be a cause for the mystery. Finally, Dave Fravor, commanding officer of the Black Aces, made visual confirmation of the radar mystery.

Underwood was scheduled for the second flight, and Fravor reportedly warned him to be on the lookout.

“That day,” Underwood said, “Dave Fravor was like, ‘Hey, dude. BOLO.’ Like, be on the lookout for just something weird.”

Underwood ended up coming across a 40-foot-long, white, oblong shape — and it was captured on film that eventually made its way to the front page of the New York Times. Underwood said it was unnerving how the alleged UFO seemed to defy the natural laws of physics.

“The thing that stood out to me the most was how erratic it was behaving. And what I mean by ‘erratic’ is that its changes in altitude, air speed, and aspect were just unlike things that I’ve ever encountered before flying against other air targets. It was just behaving in ways that aren’t physically normal… It was going from like 50,000 feet to, you know, a hundred feet in like seconds, which is not possible.”

Underwood added that two other odd things that he noticed were that it managed not to create a sonic boom and that it did not have any exhaust.

“Debriefs were usually pro forma in the CVIC, but this one in particular was so odd,” said a former pilot who was in the Carrier Vehicle Intelligence Center when they first went through the video. The pilot spoke on the condition of anonymity. “There weren’t really a lot of skeptics in that room.”

The interview with Underwood comes as the media has renewed its interested in alleged UFO sightings. A little over a month ago, Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that the United States government had evidence of an alien “wreckage,” as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

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